Friday, May 13, 2011

Saturday the 14th

Come down tomorrow if you at all can find your way to the Capitol building in lovely Madison, WI.  Join tens of thousands of your sisters and brothers in solidarity.  The fun starts at noon.  Our House! Our Day!

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!!


frogette said...

Hi Matt. I think The Madison story is the best story in the news. Except it is not generally in the news. I get my information online. For example, I thought the following was a pretty good summary of the last few months:
I know the nation is being inspired. Teachers and workers are speaking out against budget cuts. Corporations are in the spotlight and people are moving their money. I wish the news media was also sympathetic to this movement. Just once I wish there was a story on tv about the impressive show of unity in Madison. Keep up the good fight Wisconsin. I know you have the determination and the stamina.

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd appreciate this, Matt.