Monday, May 16, 2011

Listen to the crickets

Listen to the crickets that can be heard around Madison, Wisconsin right now.  It's so nice and quiet here compared to recent months.  It might be safe to guess that the protests are over.  Now listen a little more carefully.........can you hear what sounds like thunder in the background.  The sound of the crickets is smoke and mirrors created by a timid and lying media.  Either scared away from journalism by the strong arm tactics of the Republicans or simply bought and paid for by the same.

The thunder in the background is real and that is the sound of hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin families continuing to take back the badger state from those who would sell it for scrap.  The anti-democratic, anti-family, anti- American values agenda being pushed by the G.O.P. is faltering even as you read this and the Madison media lies to protect its own interest.

On Saturday last, we were tens of thousands strong rallying around the capitol building.  The Madison based Wisconsin State Journal reported 'hundred's attended a ghost of a movement'  The Milwaukee Journal reported 'some thousands still united in the struggle'  Chicago and Minneapolis media reported 'tens of thousands' keeping the spirit alive and the Republicans desperately on the run.

The lesson here is don't try to learn about the events in Madison from Madison media.  The further away from the capitol the news comes from, the more likely to be accurate it will be.  This is especially true of local alternative weekly print magazine "The Isthmus"  This formerly brave and bold alternative to corporate media has slowly lowered its head and slunk into line with other local outlets as tools of the G.O.P.  To my recollection this paper has published a total of four stories on the Governor and the Protesters.  The first was a short piece on 'hooking up' with the opposite sex during a rally.  The second was a fluffy little piece about neighbors being divided by politics.

In the more recent addition came two new stories.  One a series of blurbs about some of the folks around the edge of the center of the movement, mostly those with business relevant to the current situation.  The only hard news or real story so far was an opinion piece in the same issue calling for an end to the recall efforts, as well as calling for and end to the recall laws themselves!  Since when would a true 'alternative' print a story calling for an ending of protection for democracy and citizens rights.  Can they really have drifted this far out of touch ?  This even though they are located in their new high rent office across from the capitol building.  Guess we know how they pay that high rent now.

 So to summarize folks don't believe the limited media coverage coming from Madison Wisconsin.  Look to out of state and national and international sources.  Look to The Huffington Post online or even B.B.C. online or Al-Jazera English online.  You will (sadly) be better informed than from any mainstream source within the once progressive Badger state.

If you want to keep on top of issue's as they occur from local sources I would recommend or

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


Anonymous said...

great radio show on "Benton Harbor" and "could it be a new movement?"

Anonymous said...

The show was The Coup on Benton Harbor" Building Bridges Radio, approximately May 24, in their archives. (Link didn't publish right)

Anonymous said...

Repeal Emergency Manager. Look this up on you tube:
Betsy Coffia R E M.