Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And now the worm will turn...........

so to speak.  I really enjoy making those lyrical references every now and again.  But anyway:

In yesterdays very quickly written posting (time limits) I went on a bit of a rant.  Or was I raving, regardless.  While discussing matters of political importance or at the very least timeliness, I insinuated by way of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot that the only way to stop tyranny (Scott Walker) was by rather excessive means.  Someone was nice enough to point out to me that Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were able to bring about great social change through very well behaved acts of peaceful civil disobedience.
This is very true and what is also sad but true is that we no longer have a Dr. King or a Mohandis to lead us through the darkness we currently find ourselves engulfed in.  Even the great Ben Masel has chosen to test us alone on this. And unless some unseen leader comes up soon we may be on our own with this one.
I still believe in being peaceful, you don't become a Unitarian Minister by way of Indo_Tibetan Buddhism unless you spend some time in serious reflection on these matters.  And like many folks I have faith and would prefer to rely on our ongoing effort and the recall elections to set matters in Wisconsin straight.  But many folks are younger and jumpier than that.  And Scotty Walker is one of them.  And if there gonna keep ramming more and more controversial legislation down our throats then sooner or later one little froggy is going to jump and it'll be occupation time (peacefully yet again) and I will have to be there to help ensure the civility of the proceedings.
Trust me it wont be any fun at all.  Oh sure the occasional chuckle or mirth filled moment will occur but I'm sure they will be rare.  Especially with Walkers personnel gestapo from England manning the guns.  Add in some tear gas and hand selected head busting riot cops and the need for extreme adaptation and planning the mirth filled moments will be very rare indeed.
But for all of those out there who firmly believe that things should never under any circumstances be stepped up I've got some good news for you:


So come on down and smile and slowly saunter along the square (don't forget to sample the farmers market granola squares) while hoping for the just best possible outcome effort to occur.  Heck if that happens I will give what copies of capitol building blue prints I now posses back to the government.  Maybe even the anti-chemical weapon gear loaned to me by some more progressive members of the Wisconsin Army National Guard who don't appear to like Fitzwalkerstan any more than I do.
I am a bit surprised though that nobody brought up Jesus the Christ along with Ghandi and Dr. King, of course when discussing Jesus a lot of people seem to remember some emotional flare-ups and nearly violent behaviour.  And of course a lot of theyre followers were a little leaning towards anarchy too.  Just a though but come on down for the rally on Saturday folks, it'll be a regular hoootenany!  Not feeling nearly as snarky as I probably sound here.  Hope to see you all there and bask in the solidarity once again.  Thank you everyone.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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