Friday, May 6, 2011

Thank you to Thunder Kitten

Thank you Thunder Kitten for summing up so easily today the thought that had been bouncing around in my head since the weekend.  We were outside our Capitol building today discussing interactions with different types of folks regarding Wisconsin's political/budgetary/ideological/extremist/corruption riddled problems when she summed it right up with the following statement:

"It's a class war not a civil war that were forced into!"

Sometimes its the littlest things in life that help to get you through.  We were discussing communication with the 'on the fence' crowd in Wisconsin.  There are many of these folks who despite sorely disliking the Governors policies and hating his parties tactics that make Wisconsin look like California or Texas, still cant seem to get behind the idea of picketing the capitol or engaging in civil disobedience or even more desperate, a hunger strike as a form of protest.
I think where a lot of these folks are coming from is the same idea that I grew up with and that being that America is too strong, too decent and too inherently good to ever have something go so wrong as to justify a hunger strike or occupation of the capitol building.  Oh sure that may have happened 'back in the day' but not in the modern era.

It is very strange even to me now that America is in this much trouble.........BUT WE ARE!

You can tell from the headlines in the papers and the conversations in the taverns and the break rooms at work, with all this much discussion going on..........SOMETHING MUST BE GOING ON!

And it is going on, and it's not very good either, for the most part.  But were working on it and making progress everyday. 

Because we are in a state of class warfare!

The really extremely, bloody amazing, way too much money super rich folks are trying to bankrupt almost the entire population just to add another 0 to their income. 
They would strip people of the ability to pay their mortgage, have health care, raise a family in other words take everything but your life (and maybe that too) just for a few more dollars they don't even need.  Are you children worth that to you ?

This is not a civil war where you will see 'brother will kill brother.'

This is a war that to be won must be fought in the bright open light of liberty and democracy.  This war will be won with the media and the world watching.  This war will be won by 320,000,000 Americans against maybe 6,000 people with lots of dollars and gold but no real weapons that can hurt us and no viable defense against us if we demand our rights and our American dream.
 If we demand to our elected officials that we will not become wage-slaves.  And if they wont convey the message and help us then we recall them out of office.
If we tell the super-rich that we need them far less than they need us, and drive the point home.  Whether that be through the media, protests, strikes or what methods may be needed, if we tell them they MUST limit their greed and pay they're fair share...............

............................then we will have our beloved Badger state, our beautiful Wisconsin back.  And if that isn't worth standing up and fighting for then I don't know what is.  In solidarity people.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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