Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gray skies and black suits

Well today is the day that Gov. Scott Walker signed into "law" his voter suppression bill.  The crappy gray skies pissing down a steady drizzle seems to perfectly fit what Walker has planned for the future of 95% of Wisconsinites.  I'm not going to get into all the details of the voter suppression bill, that is all well documented.  But Walkers dismal long term plan for citizens along with the gray skies and the seemingly constant black suited parade of Republicans is starting to look like the color wheel of our lives.
Lucky for us we are 95% of Wisconsin's citizens and there is nothing outside of our own inherent sense of voter apathy (now long gone I believe) that could ever stop up from recalling those who oppose our states interests, taking back our house and our government and correcting the evil so far done by the G.O.P.
The Republicans are now so afraid of the recall elections that they are refusing to have us arrested inside the capitol building anymore.  The daily crowds inside these once hallowed halls where I write to you from, are growing ever larger once again.  And the talk is is getting louder of occupation and disruption to stem the tide of legislation that runs contrary to the peoples interests which we would have to erase later.
They are even now, at this very moment scrambling to break ranks with Paul Ryan and Scott Walker in a last ditch effort to attempt to stave off the inevitable outcome of the recall elections.  Don't believe a word they say friends as they all towed the party line up until recently with old 'Desperado' Walker and can never be trusted by reasonable citizens ever again for what they tried to do to us. 
They're track record is proven and their recent legislative votes should be seen as the final nail in the coffin's of their political careers.  Never forgive and never forget the lessons of bleak 2011!  Let this be a lesson that your very bones will remember.  Let this be the end of the G.O.P. as it is now and as it was in Wisconsin.  Never forgive and never forget.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!                                                 and p.s.................................
Scotty so sorry about your office door but you need to start listening to the people or we will find a way to be heard.  That's part of democracy and Wisconsin and America are still democratic unions.  I know you hate that cold hard fact but you need to get used to it.  Remember Governor, you wont be around for long so you need to catch up now.


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