Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8 scary republicans and scared republicans, a comparison

So right wing adherent Kathy Nicklaus of Waukesha (Walkersha?) WI forgot to hit the 'save' button when entering voter data on election night.
So.....right wing adherent Kathy Nicklaus was reprimanded for removing important state data from the government computers and placing said data on her personal office computer.
So Kathy then decided to make policy on her own and despite reprimands kept state elections data on her office computer because it was 'safer' on her desktop than on the large government computers with multiple layers of protection software.
So only Kathy could access and work with the governments data and election results.
So Kathy used to work for Judge Prosser.
So Kathy has been in legal trouble before and was part of an investigation into voter fraud.
So Kathy went to work Wednesday and never mentioned to anyone that the voter data was compromised.
So Kathy suddenly realised there were 7,500 extra votes for her old boss.
So from the privacy of her office the computer whiz unexpectedly produced a election win for her employer.
So you think we are that dumb?
Do you think you can duck into your office, fiddle with the computer and call off a Dept. of  Justice investigation into yourself, David Prosser and the Republican party?

So what did you think you were going to accomplish with all of this Kathy?
Could it be.....psychological warfare on the working and middle classes in traditional right wing style.
Did you think that even if only temporarily you could make us give up hope in Wisconsin's electoral process?
Did you think that you could make us believe that voting doesn't matter?
Did you think that you could make us give up the fight just when all momentum was going our way?
Did you think you would get away with this?
Did you think your masters would protect you from prosecution?
Did you think we didn't know that there are two kinds of Republicans, the scary and the scared?
Are you aware of the differences between the two types?  Allow me to explain it to you little silly head you.
Scott Walker has no human or rational limits to what he sees to be his right to power.  Scott Walker is a scary Republican.
Hopper and Kapanke are desperately trying to stave of recall election procedures, meaning they are afraid of losing their power, these are scared Republicans.
Scott Walker loudly states that what happens in Madison doesn't matter because Madison (the state capitol) isn't really Wisconsin, he is a scary Republican.
You Kathy are back peddling and making up excuses for either your gross incompetence and/or your bias and corruption, that makes you a scared Republican.
Scott Walker has a big important office in Madison that makes him a very scary Republican.
Do you understand the difference now between a scary Republican and a scared one?
Do you think I'm asking too many questions?
Do you think you should have asked more questions?  Perhaps questions like:
Is this ethical or moral, what I'm doing?
Is what I'm doing even vaguely legal?
Do you think I can get caught doing this?
What do you think will happen to me if and when I'm caught?
Do I really think my G.O.P. bosses can get me out of trouble?
Have I been a mislead tool of Scott Walkers regime?
Am I maybe such a self serving immoral being that it was impossible to question my own motivations?

You see Kathy asking lots of questions can be a very good thing.  Maybe if you had asked more questions beforehand you would have more answers now.  Maybe you would have known the difference between a scary Republican and a scared one.

One last question Kathy..............

Do you think the citizens of Wisconsin can turn Scott Walker from a scary Republican into a scared one?
I do.  And I think it is going to happen soon.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


El said...

Hey Matt: I'm a fan. I saw you at the capital and followed your struggle. Way to go :) I admire your courage and tenacity.

Anonymous said...

No election is won until the final totals are in. The system works, grow up and act like an adult Matt.

Anonymous said...

Everyday you become more of a liability than an asset for your cause.
Your questions and answers on April 8 are at best a ridiculous ramblings of an individual who believes in democracy when it serves his purpose. Wisconsin citizens have voted, a mistake occurred before final results were released. This was corrected, and you are not satisfied with the results. On April 6 you were praising democracy and the need and right to vote.
To quote you"your vote makes all the difference." If you had any knowledge of the history of elections situations like this happen. That is why we have the Board of Canvassers system. To make elections fair and honest. It is called Checks and Balance if you do not understand the concept. The electorate of Wisconsin has voted, Your tirade against Ms. Kathy Nickolaus was uncalled for and showed a total lack of maturity, boarding on sadism. Humans make mistakes. But the mistake was corrected.
You need to grow up and live in the real world. In the real world a person accepts reality with composure, nothing goes your way all the time.
Richard Weber

Mr. Blues said...

That just might be the most ridiculous thing that you've ever spewed. Remember me telling you about the concept of "making the pig right"? Well you just did it.