Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4th Rev. J. Jackson, Michelle Shocked, bagpipes

A sunny day but with a strong and cutting wind.  After all that we have been through in the last two months does anyone think some freezing wind will stop us?  Of course not, so at four this afternoon I threw on some extra clothes and returned to the Capitol square.  Although early there were still thousands who had already assembled for the marches and rally.  It's an awe inspiring sight to see so many people still so driven and committed to the cause after so long.  But then again with so much at stake in Wisconsin how could you expect anything different?
By the five o clock start time thousands more assembled all around the stage on the State st. corner of the square.  I took a position next to Jeremy Ryan who has been an invaluable friend as the band VO5 started to perform.  After a couple of songs they were joined by Michelle Shocked and some serious funky up-lifting of spirits was commenced.  During the set songs were played that ranged from the spiritually fulfilling to some outright awesome eclectic fusion of funk and bagpipe.
All the while the crowd was growing as marchers came up to the square from State st., representing many diverse groups of concerned and dedicated citizen's.  Also the different unions were arriving in force, their numbers swelling the already numerous crowd.
After Michelle with VO5 had finished playing the Reverend Jesse Jackson took the microphone and delivered a powerful and very motivational speech honoring the late Dr. Martin Luther King and drawing powerful comparisons between the civil rights movement and the current labor and human rights movement taking place across the nation.  Wisconsin is ground zero in this epic struggle and if this state falls then likewise, across the country the others will follow suit most likely.
Remember that what is happening in the Badger state is much much more than merely unions issue's and collective bargaining rights, it's about something far larger.  It's about unrestricted class warfare brought on by Republican and tea party attacks on 97 % of all Americans.  The conservatives under the directions of those who control them (faceless inhuman corporations) are making a desperate push to turn the majority of citizens into wage slaves.  Perhaps if Scott Walker resorted to typical divide and conquer tactics he may have stood a chance of winning.  Instead in his arrogance and greed he took on nearly the entire citizenry of the state at once and it backfired on him horribly.  Did he really think he could blatantly destroy the state unions while simultaneously stripping schools and public services of their funding while also destroying the health care infrastructure, veterans rights, farmers rights as he simultaneously wiped out the environmental protection laws of the state and federal government?  Apparently he did and equally apparently it never crossed his mind that anyone or anything could stand up to his will.  Why else would he have the gall to call himself the person who could save the economy as he blatantly hired a pro-G.O.P. lobbyist's prodigal son to a important government position and then give him a 26% raise!  To a unqualified person that never completed their education and has multiple run ins with the law.  Is that the sound act of a fiscally responsible leader?  Or is it the behavior one would associate with a power hungry and out of touch corporate pawn?
The answer is obvious to all with a human heart and mind.  Obvious to all the consider themselves patriotic, educated, moral, religious and logical/reasonable. Corporations are the only corporate interest.  People are only tools to such institutions.  Rise up, read up and wake up citizens for the wolves are attacking.  Much like the founding fathers understood the need for separation of church and state, now we need to demand and implement the separation of business and state!

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


Anonymous said...

Everything written by Matthew is a lie.. Anyone believing him needs a reality check.

Anonymous said...

Your unrealistic ramblings must be corrected. First of all Governor Walker has not taken on the citizenry of Wisconsin. He is balancing the budget. I have yet to speak to a fellow Farmer or individual involved in agriculture that does not support him. I have to remind you farmers pay for their health care and retirement out of their own pocket. All he asks is for the public sector employees to do is fund a portion of their health and retirement costs not all of it. In the end the consumer pays the cost of any tax increase, corporations, small businesses and even not for profit corporations must pass on to the consumer any increase in taxes. The Idiotic stance you take that this is directed by inhuman corporations, is the based on the assumption that no humans sit of their boards? Having been involved with the Land O Lakes cooperative board over the years I can assure that is farthest thing from the truth I have ever heard. Money made by any viable corporation is used in reinvestment of equipment and facilities, job creation, stock dividends, health and retirement for their employees and charitable foundations. The fact of the matter is with 330 public sector unions it would have been impossible to negotiate the needed adjustments to health and retirement. NOTICE it is the public sector not private unions. The private sectors has already made the majority of the concessions asked of the public employees. Now the control is rested with the local boards (school, town, city, and county) These are the individuals who will implement the changes. They are the people who attend local functions with the affected employees. By your posturing you only inflame the process. What we need is dialogue and faith in the local boards. Our system is based on local control now have some faith in that process. Remember Wisconsin and the United States are in a huge financial hole and everyone must contribute to the recovery.
Richard Weber

Jimmy G of Australia said...

Hey you two .. blah .. chuckle ..

Anonymous said...


What about the fact that farmers get money from the government (subsidies) that would help them pay for their Badgercare and pensions?????