Friday, April 22, 2011

Unity and Vigilance

It's martial law talk time again folks.  Hopefully you are keeping up to speed on national news.  Wait a minute if you read this your most likely really up to speed on the news.  Well then, my hat is off to all of you that read this blog, way to stay informed.  And while I'm at it I would like to thank all of you who still subscribe and/or read my postings.  Now that my hunger strike is suspended by Scotty Walkers bill being tied up in the court system and I'm no longer slowly dying Ive lost my media sex appeal.  Therefore I really appreciate your continued readership and commitment to the issue's.
Now back to it!  Martial law.  As I'm sure you've heard the Detroit police yesterday, in a blatant display of moral corruption, arrested the protesters who were occupying their school in support of unionized teachers and opposition to funding cuts.  Theirs is a specialized school for women who are teenage mothers.  These young women are devoted to improving their situation by staying in school, completing their education in anticipation of finding worthwhile employment with which to provide for their young families.
So they decide as a last resort, to engage in civil disobedience in an effort to protect their interests and the interests of their peers.  These women weren't just removed from the school they attended and were so devoted to but they were actually arrested and charged as criminals.  That is itself should be aggravating enough to the average concerned citizen.  But now ...........
These young women taken into custody, as mentioned, are teenage mothers.  That means they're children also were taken into custody as wards of the state.  I would imagine that the oldest of these children is perhaps four to six years old at most.  And the bulk are probably quite younger.  Imagine how those young children and babies are feeling,  Separated from their mothers by armed uniformed officers and placed (incarcerated?) into unfamiliar surroundings.  I'm honestly surprised that the officers took these women into custody.  Of course they were following orders and I understand that somewhat.  The person who really has me ticked off is the departments chief of police.  How dare he place these women (and their teachers and supporters) into custody?  How dare he compromise his office and the integrity of his officers.  I don't care if the Governor of Michigan demanded these actions, he should have refused to comply.  He would have had all the support in the world if he had refused.
This is all very pertinent to us here in Wisconsin because our Governor is planning to set us up with similar martial law legislation here.  Remember that, especially if you've stopped coming to the capitol with the  protesters.  Especially if you've stopped following all that's going on.  Especially if your part of the non-voting citizenry.  We must remain vigilant, informed and united in opposition to Scotty Walker and the tea party violent, racist, homophobic radicals.  Never forgive folks and never forget.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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Hi Matt...I'm glad you decided to stop your hunger strike, and are going to continue the fight with us all. Hugs to you...missed seeing you at the capitol the last few times I was there. Did you ever try the pedialyte? you should still be drinking that for a while to get your system back to normal.

Hugs and still thinking of you...Laura N.