Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A open letter to the Wisconsin Army National Guard

 Greetings service women and men of the WI National Guard.  A few of you know me personally from when I was growing up in central WI near Fort McCoy or Volk Field in Camp Douglas where my father was stationed at for years.  Most of you fine citizen-soldiers don't know me of course I'm the guy that was slowly dying in the Capitol building in Madison.  I was on a hunger strike to put pressure on Scott Walker our fraudulent Governor representing the Republican party and the radical tea party fringe.  You of course remember the Republican party from past occurrences like cutting funding to Veterans Administrations hospitals and programs and screwing up the first Gulf War by not taking out Saddam Hussein. 
The tea party is a small radical group of people who take their orders straight from corporate powers and they are very likely going to ask their mouthpiece Gov. Scott Walker to order you to kill me soon, as well as many of your friends, neighbors and your own family members.
Why you may ask, would they want you to kill us.  Very good question and I will try to answer it for you now.  When you bravely enlisted into the armed services you took an oath which (basically) stated that 'On your life and your sacred honor, that you would uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.'
That is where the problem lies because you see the Republicans are not very big supporters of the Constitution as it interferes with their efforts to steal most or all of our money and keep it for themselves.  Now the tea party folks on the other hand HATE the Constitution because it is offensive to their corporate masters whom tell them what to say, do, think and feel.  Another reason most tea party folk hate the Constitution and the oath you swore to it is:
1. They have no honor and don't like people that do.
2. They only believe that money is sacred.
3. They don't believe that American citizens should have rights, they believe rights are for big business's only.

Now here is where all of you Guard members come in.  Gov. Scott Walker is getting ready to start declaring martial law in Wisconsin.  Martial law is basically stripping away peoples rights and they don't like rights getting in the way of their big shiny piles of dirty money.  So sooner or later here Walker will declare martial law, and probably in Madison first because it is the center of our state government and also it will make him feel big and powerful.  Scott Walker doesn't feel big and powerful now because he likes other people to do things for him, like yourself.  You see Scott Walker like most rich Republicans and tea party folk is too cowardly and fearful to do something brave like join the military.  And also it would really upset them if they had to swear to uphold and defend our Constitution (which they hate) on their (non-existent) sacred honor.

So soon they will declare martial law here in Madison, or maybe even in your home town and then when the majority of Wisconsin's citizens get really upset about it and march to complain about this they are going to ask you to come in and stop us.  They will tell all of you in the Guard to just guard the capitol building.  But they will also tell a few of you to go ahead and kill a few people to scare the rest of them.  Please remember that your oath prevents you from being able to murder American citizens.  They will try to tell you otherwise.  My family has been military for longer than any of us can remember.  And part of being in the service and living that decent and honorable life means that you wont get rich.  Almost all the brave folks in all the branches of the service have that in common.  They are not rich.  They work for a living just like your friends, neighbors and family do. 
So I'm asking you to please not listen if they tell you to kill us.  Instead just join up with us.  And the firefighters.  And the police.  And the paramedics.  And all the other people who are very important to Wisconsin, like yourselves. 
As a matter of fact WE ARE THE MAJORITY and Scott Walker and the tea party folks are just a small group of people that hate America.  And they are cowards without any power.  And if we don't give them power then it doesn't matter what they try to do because they need us to get anything done.  That's because they want us to do all the work and take all the risks so they can get rich off of OUR LABOR AND OUR DEVOTION TO AMERICA.
  So just let us run them out of the government and then all of us decent and honorable Americans can get back down to the business of fixing all the stuff that the right wingers broke in America.  Then we can all live out our lives in peace and prosperity as we deserve.  Wisconsin loves you Air and Army Guard.  In solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


Valerie Walasek said...

Amen. I hope every military member reads this and thinks about what exactly is an unlawful order, BEFORE you receive it. It probably won't be to kill someone, just to limit their rights a little bit. But that always snowballs and turns into massively illegal actions.

Take a stand NOW. Uphold your oaths as a soldier, and a defender of the Constitution. The right thing is rarely the easy thing.

Jordan said...

Hey, don't want to start an arguement but I would like to ask...
What about all those left wingers who call us baby killers? Or who raise taxes for failed programs? If walker is the minority how did he get elected? And yes, we can kill Americans if they threaten society.
Just satin....
You seem passionate so I would like to better understand your opinion.
Oh and I'm in the infantry so I would probably be the one called out. :/