Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And the results are in.......contention

Yesterday the 5th of April was practically destined to be a historic spring election day.  Record numbers of voters turned out across the state to send a message to Scott Walker and the Republicans.  Many polling places wee reporting yesterday evening that they had run out of ballots and people were hand writing their own ballots.  In Dane county my man Joe Parisi was handily elected county executive after wiping out this Walker supporting rival long before the polls had even closed.
In the city of Madison mayoral elections my preferred candidate and Madison's old friend 'Hizzoner' Paul Soglin surprisedincumbent  Mayor Dave in a very tight race.  Two of my three candidates had won.  Do I dare to dream of pulling off the trifecta ?  Watching the incoming results in Wisconsin's supreme court race (yes we vote on s.c. justice's here, and yes that is just wrong) come in until nearly five a.m. I saw leads small and large come and go as the precincts reported in.  I awoke early and picked up on the coverage again until just before noon, when the earliest tallies declared my candidate Kloppenburg to be the new swing justice of the states supreme court.  A trifecta, I just don't believe it still.  Of course there is going to be a recount but that's par for the course when nearly 2,000,000 people vote and the candidates are within 225 votes of each other.  This is getting exciting.
With  these election victories in hand and enough signatures already collected to initiate recalls on two Republican Senators you can literally feel the momentum shifting back to the side of the citizens of our state.  'One down and nine to go''  is our theme of the day.  Justice Prosser voted out of office and we just need seven more senators, Fitzgerald and then Walker and Wisconsin's will have cleaned house.
On a more personal note with the exception of some annoying aches and pains plus a few very weird sensations coming from my abdomen I seem to be recovering well from the hunger strike.  Looking forward to some real, solid food soon.  Remember to sign those recall petitions people and do some volunteering if you can.  And after watching the biggest election in state supreme court history come down to a couple hundred votes please never forget 'your vote makes all the difference.'

On Wisconsin !    FORWARD !!!!


frogette said...

Matt, I am truly glad you hung in there, to be a part of this moment. I know the war has just begun. But you were heard. Wisconsin was heard. The eyes of the country are on Madison. Today was a win for the people!!!! ON WISCONSIN!!! ON U.S.A !!!! ON YOU AND ME !!!!!!!! FORWARD !!!

Anonymous said...

Go Prosser Go Prosser GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

7000 more Prosser votes :)