Thursday, April 21, 2011

Attn. Wisconsin, Illinois sent you a wake up call !

So I was networking (hanging out) outside of the capitol building last night discussing the politics of the day with my fellow protesters when the subject turned to home towns.  I of course call New Lisbon, WI home (speaking of wake up calls, I think Chicago natives now own my entire home county) after inquiring about my fellow protesters I was surprised to learn that most of them are Illinois residents.  Solidarity is a wonderful thing but aren't we supposed to be the one's threatened by Wisconsin's Republicans ?  Are we once again becoming so complacent that were forgetting our own struggle ?  Was it really that cold yesterday evening ?  Did every resident of the badger state really have something better to do than defend their rights and freedoms ?  What next we let the Bears beat the Packers at holy Lambeau field because we will be too busy watching television ?  Come on people, get up, stand up, go down to the capitol whenever you can.  Even if you just drive around the square in the evening honking your car horn in solidarity it helps.  Come down and sing with us in the rotunda daily at noon on your lunch hour.  And don't forget Saturday April 30th the huge motorcycle rally on the square.  Fire up that bad moto-scooter and get down here folks, were winning and gaining momentum but only for as long as we all keep up the fight.

On Wisconsin !    FORWARD !!!!

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