Friday, April 13, 2012

Time to hedge your bets Wisconsin ????

Hello all you brave and bold badgers out there across Wisconsin, and a big hello to everyone else out there concerned with protecting freedom and democracy.  Wherever in the world you are, your efforts at being informed, voting, organizing and sharing what you know is deeply appreciated.  The effect is cumulative and we are seeing the effect spreading across the entire globe.  Keep up the good fight, you are winning.

Here in Wisconsin of course the fight is one of the people versus the fraudulently elected Governor Scott Walker.  Walker is well documented in how he ran his campaign for governor.  He lied over and again to the people, he intentionally and maliciously committed sin after sin of omission about his intended, radical, social agenda.  He lied about his record as Milwaukee County Executive and he lied about the staff that he hired, promoted and oversaw.  He misled investigations into his campaign and even now, with half of his staff having either fled, been arrested or accepting plea bargains, he continues his dishonesty.

A year ago we started learning all these things about Scott Walker.  A year ago we started fighting and resisting him and his GOTea cronies.  A year ago we were hopeful.........but grim, very grim indeed.  We marched in the sleet and the snow and discussed recall elections and the processes involved.  It looked like a huge and insurmountable struggle but, we maintained our solidarity, our networking and we constantly never lost our vigilance.  We learned how to read between the lines of legislation.  We learned to anticipate political and legal wrangling and prepare for it.  We learned all of the dirty tricks they had up their sleeves and we began to outsmart and outmaneuver them.  We have all learned a lot, as have I as well.  And I am about to share something I learned with all of you.  At least all of you who haven't thought of this yet.

The other day I was at the Government Accountability Office on regular business.  Who should I run into down there?  Why it was my old friend from the Wisconsin Movement, Arthur Kohl-Riggs.  Arthur was signing off on his paperwork from the GAB after verification of the signatures he submitted as a candidate for Governor of the State of Wisconsin.  And Arthur can help us voters hedge our bets.

First let me say that Art is a very smart and impressive young man.  I have spoken with teachers and educators who remember him from his younger days and all are impressed with him.  Art is sort of tall and thin, with a long face and a beard.  He kind of looks like Abraham Lincoln.  Which is what ties all this together.  Lincoln was a Republican, Lincoln of course, despised and sought to end slavery, he also was for small government.  And more importantly he was very much about protecting the rights of citizens from manipulation and/or control by governmental or business interests.  Lincoln was tormented by the idea of a wealthy few subverting the will of the people in pursuit of greed.

A century and a half ago that is what the republicans were about.  Having been in power as part of the two party system so long, they have been completely and thoroughly corrupted.  The party now represents the opposite of what it did in Lincolns day when it began.  And Arthur, like Lincoln, is a republican candidate.  A true old fashioned, fiscally conservative and socially moderate Lincoln Republican.  The kind of GOP member we haven't seen since the Kennedy assassination.

And the wonderful thing about Arts campaign as a republican against Walker, is that he could remove Walker from the electoral process even before we vote for governor!!!!  If Arthur Kohl-Riggs can pick up more votes than the increasingly unpopular Walker, in the primaries than Walker is gone.  And to add insult to injury, to send a huge message to the world, we can rid Wisconsin of Walker without Walker actually even making it to the gubernatorial recall election.  The modern day equivalent of riding him out of town on a rail.

The GOP would have one month to slap together a candidate and a platform just to even be represented in the election.  Which wont really matter because whichever of the four democrats running makes it through the primary, everyone is voting for that democrat regardless.  What we would have is an extra layer of protection in the recall process.  We can get rid of Walker before the recall even happens.

To do that of course in the primary we need votes from republicans who are tired of Walker and who will vote for Arthur.  We will especially need a vote from all of you, all the moderates, all the  folks on the left.  All of the third party, independent and democrat voters.  If in the primary we just let the democrat candidates float away on the wind for one election, we could all throw our votes for Arthur Kohl-Riggs and unseat and remove Walker.  Final victory, democracy restored and reverberating throughout the nation.

And one month later in the general election, the recall election, we vote for the democrat that survived the primaries or, we vote in Arthur for Governor of Wisconsin.  We will have missed out on picking a democrat in the primary, but with Feingold out does that even really matter so much? Either way we win, the nail in the coffin, and then we can start the real work of rebuilding our lovely state.  What do you think folks, feel free to comment please and let me know what you think of this.

In the meantime I am preparing for the 'big, annual' Tea Party rally at the Capitol in Madison tomorrow Saturday the 14th.  Last year was tons of fun and I am expecting the same thing again, except with better weather.  Last year about 600 GOTeaPalin.

The rumour is this year that Palin will be back as the key note speaker.  She may be afraid to show up though, you never know.  I imagine they will have the same or slightly lesser numbers this year as the party is crumbling upon itself.  Can you imagine if we had two or three thousand or more there tomorrow?  It would be great to stand there in the sun, shoulder to shoulder with your sisters and brothers.  Completely surrounding the Tea Party crowd, just standing there with our arms crossed and smiling and nodding at them smugly.  Knowing that we have the numbers.  We have the unity and the strength, the righteousness and the sense of purpose.  We have the joyful hope and the grim determination.  We have solidarity forever, hope to see you there folks.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


Anonymous said...

Palin as keynote speaker? I was hoping for Breitbart.

Anonymous said...

Hoping to see lots of smiles, bananas, AND palm trees!