Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dang and darn it all, writing this for the third time today.

I am writing this post for the second time.  I just completed writing what was supposed to be this post about ten minutes ago.  I accidentally erased it all, I am so angry with myself right now.  Oh well I will just give a quick update version as I am now short on time.

Investigation into the Bo Morrison matter continues, though very slowly it seems to me.  And I am one of the persons involved who is pushing for a quick resolution the most.  I'm getting used to it but I hate butting heads with attorneys and other folks all the time.

Great Solidarity Singalong today, it was so loud and so glorious.  The best sounding performance in awhile, it echoed throughout the rotunda and halls so well.  We sang extra loud today because there was a rumor that Walker was ACTUALLY IN THE CAPITOL TODAY, a rare thing as Walker has only been in Wisconsin this year for an average of two days per month.  And only working as Governor, as records show, for only two hours per month.

We now have an official list of Democratic candidates, and they are LaFollette, Vinehout, Barrett and Falk.  Personally I am looking at the underdogs here, I think that is where most peoples best interests lie.

And by now there is a picture going viral of Scott Walkers communications manager, whom he inherited somehow from Karl Rove.  Yeah her, the one that said she would like to "slap Hillary Clinton" she is the most recent person to fill this position in Walkers cabinet.  Many have been leaving the sinking ship lately, she is standing tall though and speaking very, very loudly.

{Here is where I had to rewrite for the third time, long story, never mind} 

She has been speaking in favor of the neo-con War on Women.  She had been supporting criminal behavior by our elected officials who are pushing through pre-written legislation from ALEC.  Acting like a tool in other words, and here I had a picture I was sitting on of her looking like a tool.  In a Hooters uniform posing in a Ferrari.

I spent my afternoon writing something up and preparing to release it before broke it out tomorrow morning on WTDY with Sly.  Instead after all that work it turns out that somebody else got hold of the pic and was going to break it so had to jump out there first and "scoop" from politiscoop was "scooped" by politiscoop so as that the "scoop" that politiscoop gave me was not "scooped by another" and so......................................

Anyway it is not about who breaks the news, it is about the news, the information.  The raw info that we need to make decisions about our lives.  As long as it gets out there, then the people can decide for themselves and make those all important decisions.  That is what Democracy looks like.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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