Monday, April 16, 2012

A little bird.........

told me something last night.  The little bird said that Robin Vos as the ALEC chairman in Wisconsin would be particularly vulnerable this election cycle.  I had to agree with that, ALEC is becoming more publicly known by the day, and for that reason its sponsors have been pulling away and even legislators are starting to distance themselves from the radical group.

Furthermore I thought, Vos could be slammed in campaign advertising with his well documented, year long record of disrespect for open and transparent government, unwillingness to listen to fellow legislators, unwillingness to listen to constituents, verbal bombast's and such.  The more I thought about what the little bird told me, the more I could see it all coming easily together.  Just like with Lori Compas taking on Fitzgerald who is himself having trouble fundraising and is losing support fast.  Vos is in the exact same position politically, he is vulnerable.

Now we just need a solid and motivated individual who can be persuaded to throw their hat into the arena.  Especially if that person was someone that the GOP hasn't known of so far,but somebody who has a strong record resisting the Walker agenda and cronies.  Somebody from down in Robin Vos's district.

 Hey you know what?  My good friend Kelley Albrecht lives in that exact district.  She has lots of strong backing and 'street cred' to her name.  Maybe I will start subtly asking people what they think about that.  You understand what I mean, in a quiet sort of way, not a public announcement or anything.  It sure would be mighty nice to remove Vos from the Capitol in Madison.

I do believe I will keep an eye out for that little bird in the future as well, you never know.  Solidarity folks.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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