Thursday, April 5, 2012

Closer and closer, every day a victory......almost.

Greetings from ground zero folks.  Another lovely day here in Madison, unusual though in that I was not able to attend and tweet from the Solidarity Singalong.  I just can not say enough good things about this peaceful protest.  The Singalong has brought the Wisconsin Movement just tons of good press in the one year plus now of its existence.

Recently we celebrated Singalong number 300 and then we received the ACLU's civil libertarian of the year award.  The first time ever that award was bestowed on an entire group instead of a single individual.  On Monday of this week the Singalong was covered by international media agency Al-Jazera, on Tuesday Democrat Senator and Walker challenger Kathleen Vinehout attended the singing and told us of her support of the group on the floor of the legislature.  On Wednesday this week we had the Christian Broadcast News agency cover the Singalong, supposedly to make us look bad as the agency loves Walker.

The intended story they wanted to run with was shot down though.  They found not a group of young, angry and violent protesters, but rather a diverse group of peaceful people devoted to freedom and democracy.  We are also very smart at what we do and we know how to identify media personnel and/or agencies.  We sang songs richly used in celebrations of faith and totally disarmed the CBN.

Soon we will be celebrating Solidarity Singalong #350, and who knows what will happen after that?  We have been visited by representatives of multiple foreign nations.  Celebrities and politico's, right wingers, left wingers and the totally confused who arrive sometime seeking answers.  I am very proud and happy to support and be a member of the Solidarity Singalong.

I am also proud and happy to work with the group and the individual Jeremy Ryan, head of the Defending Wisconsin PAC.  This last week we have all teamed up to promote awareness of the tragic case of Bo Morrison.  Bo was a college graduate and about to become a member of the Marine Corps.  Bo was at a party where some underage people were drinking.

A neighbor called in a noise complaint and then caught Bo on his property sneaking away from a underage drinking ticket, largely concerned with his enrollment in our Armed Forces.  The neighbor didn't tell the police (whom he had just called) that a kid was in his yard or on his back porch.  Instead he went and got a gun, loaded it, and went and apparently intentionally shot Bo Morrison knowing that he had a legal loophole due to Wisconsin's new 'castle doctrine' law.

This case of Bo Morrison in Wisconsin sadly and tragically parallels the case of the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida, I have also posted on this blog of the two cases.  And the horrible similarity in the two states radical new right wing gun laws, Wisconsin and its castle 'doctrine' and Florida, with it 'stand your ground law.'

Jeremy Ryan has done some great work with google maps and other sources to show the scene of the killing and being able to see for yourself how events transpired that night.  Politiscoop is covering the story and is being assisted in its investigation by the parents of young Bo Morrison.  I have been helping both parties with the investigation and this morning after speaking with my attorney, we are issuing a subpoena for the original and unedited 911 tapes from that tragic night.  Look to both Defending and, as well as here in this blog, for more on the story as it happens this week.

There is a lot of damage done to Wisconsin by the extremist Walker regime, most of it can be corrected and healed over time.  Some things like the tragic loss of Bo Morrison we can never correct, but fight on we must folks.  And we the people are winning, and for that I thank you all.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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