Tuesday, May 1, 2012

R.I.P. Boris ? - 2012

I am just going to quickly post this and will get back to Wisconsin politics as usual.  Earlier this morning my good friend and fellow Independent Progressive candidate, Jeremy Ryan has the extremely sad task of having to put down his service dog, the black Newfoundland known as Boris.

Many people loved to joke that Boris was actually a bear and not a dog.  The breed Newfoundland are certainly some huge dogs.  Jeremy is 6' 3'' and Boris outweighed him.  Boris was Jeremy's service dog, Boris could tell when Jeremy was going into cardiac distress and was capable of opening doors and manipulating elevator controls to summon help for Jeremy.

That will make Boris very hard to replace as a service animal.  Due to the necessity of the situation there will be a replacement service dog.  As any pet lover will tell you, it is impossible to replace a pet.  They grow on you with the devotion and loyalty that they demonstrate, always unflinching, and work their way into your heart.

People loved Boris and he loved them back.  I am glad that in the last year Jeremy has been surrounded by people, protesters and organizers and such.  Boris absolutely loved being around all these folks and everyone loved that big black shaggy dog right back.  Slobber and all, Boris was one of a kind and will be missed by many, many people in Madison, including myself. Boris helped me more than once get through a long and difficult night, overlooking Madison and the endless and sometimes seemingly helpless scene's playing out on the street below us.

My thoughts go out to Jeremy right now as I write this.  There will be a new service animal, but there can never be another Boris.  Even people who did not always agree with Jeremy Ryan, his politics and tactics liked Boris.  They were an icon in downtown Madison with Jeremy approaching seven feet tall on his Segway as he walked the bearlike and people loving Boris.

It takes a truly sick and twisted individual not to like and appreciate a animal like that.  Part of the reason I am posting this here is to draw out, to bait, the tools & fools of the tea party.  They will around the time I post this installment be learning of the death of Boris.  And in the sick, twisted and sub-human way they have of looking at the world will soon be joking and laughing about the death of a service animal the same way they did when it was discovered that a protester had been raped recently in Madison.  The same way as they will joke about hoping Jeremy has a coronary incident without Boris around to seek help.

So jump out there tea baggers, my comment section is open.  Show the world what lies in your heart.  Let the ugliness and hatred shine through, this is your chance to show your true colors, I wont even remove the hateful and vile postings you make.  I am sure your mothers would be proud, just like the pastors of your church would be as you make fun of suffering and death.  As you flaunt your disdain for the ten commandments the way you flaunt your disdain for the U.S. Constitution and the theory of democracy.

By displaying the ugliness and emptiness in your hearts you can actually help Wisconsin.  Let people realize what you are all about.  I put everything on the line so that people understand what and who I am, wont you do the same?  Of course this will lead to people disliking and disrespecting you, but it will go to show just what you stand for which will only help to get Wisconsin back to where it was before Walker.  A decent place full of people who may not always agree with each other, but a place where at the end of the long work day we all get along and progress moves forward and that is what counts the most.

I will get back to my regular postings after this folks, don't worry I may be maudlin at this very moment but the struggle we are in does not allow such things to continue very long.  In this the second American Civil War, hopefully it will remain a largely bloodless one, we have learned to bury our dead, mourn if we must, and continue on.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


Happy Phantom said...

I am so sorry to hear about Boris...R.I.P. Boris, and best wishes to Jeremy as well.

Anonymous said...
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