Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Protect your future and look to the past

Greetings readers from Wisconsin, the badger state a.k.a. America's Dairyland or as it has more recently come to be known Ground Zero in the second American Civil War.  Five days from now the citizens of this state will take to the polls and decide between good and evil, right and wrong.  They will decide between continuing on in the rich and prosperous tradition that has made this state so strong and a leader in our nation or, they will choose corporate imperialism.

The numbers and polling are close, the tens of millions of dollars of out of state corporate money have fooled some people.  It is still amazing to me that so many good and decent residents of this state have been fooled to such a degree that the soon to be arrested Scott Walker seems like a viable candidate to them.  These are hard working and industrious citizens who like to hunt and fish and watch the Green Bay Packers.  They raise children and take part in the community.

Somehow though they aren't aware that Scott Walker has legislation in hand to stop Wisconsinites from hunting unless they are rich and own large enough estates to have deer herds of their own.  If Walker gets his way hunting in Wisconsin will cost the average person over $2,000.  Our waterways are being privatized as well and access will only be for those overly-wealthy out of state folk who can afford similarly outrageous fee's.  Wisconsin is on the verge of becoming a private hunting ranch for the rich and elite.  As a matter of fact Walkers out of state guy in charge of deer hunting refers to average citizens being able to take part in the annual tradition 'communism.'

ALEC legislation that Walker would like to ram through next will reduce the minimum wage as well as the minimum age for industrial labor down to 12.  The kids might as well go to work because our schools are being destroyed.  Soon families will be reduced to near slave labor for all members just to try and survive.  Unless we vote and vote smart next Tuesday.

That means not only voting for the right candidate, but watching with extreme vigilance the voting process.  The touch screen e-voting machines have been proven to be compromisable at the very least.  And with GOTea extremists looking to guarantee the election to Walker regardless of the citizens actual choice of leaders, we must be very vigilant indeed.  Many voting districts allow for paper ballots to be used and we must demand this usage.  Hand counted paper ballots provide 100% verifiable voting.  Votes on touch screen machines disappear as soon as they are cast and there is no way to verify who the ballot was cast for.

I am including some links here so that folks can see what type of voting exists and in what districts throughout the state.  The federal government will be watching this election as well as te last one after all the GOTea shenanigans.  But at the end of the day it is up to us, the citizens, to protect this election and the future of our state and nation.  For if Wisconsin falls then so to will the United States.

So please folks in the name of democracy, vote, vote against Scott Walker and watch the polls and the polling.  Protect the elections, anyone can stay and observe the process in any district, at any voting location.  Volunteer a little bit of your time for what could be the biggest thing to happen in our lifetimes.  This is a civil war, a class war, and if we stick together and maintain vigilance and integrity we can win this war without bloodshed.  Without more suffering than that which has already been thrust upon our state by the extremist and radical Scott Walker and his tea party activists and protesters and violent thugs.

Take part in Wisconsin, take part in your future, your actions five days from now will echo throughout the rest of your lives. One does not have to look back very far to see the real Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin that existed before Walker and his masters from the East Coast.  The Wisconsin where neighbors helped each other, where we worked together for a brighter future.  The Wisconsin with clean and transparent government that worked for the good of the people.  A Wisconsin for all Wisconsinites, not a state for sale to the stinking rich.  We can have that back again.   Solidarity forever.

I've included some more links to show you the past history of Scott Walker and the tactics he continues to use throughout his life.  Here are some stories from when he left Marquette University in shame without graduating.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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