Friday, May 11, 2012

Divide & Conquer

Hopefully by now you have seen the video or at least read the transcripts of Scott Walker soothing the concerns of a billionaire campaign donor of his, he assures her that he is very much interested in making Wisconsin a 'right to work' state.  Of course 'right to work' actually means low minimum wage pay.  No overtime and no compensation for workers injured on the job.  It means an end to maternity pay and leave as well as lowering the minimum age in the laws regarding child labor.

Walker wants to make the female with the check for $500,000 + in her hand understand how far he is willing to go to achieve this.  He even states that he will 'divide and conquer' the unions, that he intended to lie to them and with that start, to split the people of the state of Wisconsin in half.  Too bad more than half of the citizens of this great state are smarter than Walker gave them credit for.  You can fool some of the people with fraud while campaigning and shock tactics, but not most folks and not most of the time.

Of course as well also know Scott Walker fits the psychological profile of a sociopath or psychopath.  It was evident today as Walker tried to explain away yet another damning piece of evidence against him and his campaign.  He did not admit to intentionally lying, even with video evidence released that catches him in the lie.  Instead his focus is on how 'he is the victim'  and how he is not being treated fairly by the courts and the media for using 'evidence' and 'proof' and presenting it to the citizens of Wisconsin.

In my own mind I can picture a arsonist claiming that he is the real victim of the fires he started.  Declaring it unfair for the 'thugs' of the fire department to investigate the cause of the fire which leads to his troubles.  The fires have been started, they were started on purpose and they were started by Walker.  Let him do the time for the crime.  Scott Walker if you are going to behave criminally you had better learn to toughen up.  Don't whine and cry to the judge saying it is unfair to treat him like a criminal just because of his criminal behaviour.  But that is the difference between a run of the mill criminal, and a run of the mill psychopath.  The criminal knows and admits he has to deal with the system from time to time and will at least feign remorse for his actions.  A psychopath like Walker can only focus on his own ego and desires, that is why we should have a mental competency test for those seeding power through elected office.

And maybe after the recall next month, maybe some day soon after that when the wounds have been healed and we are moving forward as a state again, we can work on producing that legislation.  Having witnessed the historic events of the last year and a half in Wisconsin we need to do everything in our power to ensure that it does not happen again.

And speaking of protecting the citizens and making the voice of the people heard again here in Wisconsin I am introducing the links where you can donate to my campaign.  Once again I am only seeking small donations as I am running a clean and transparent, grassroots campaign.  Thank you for whatever help you can contribute to run for Wisconsin State Assembly.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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