Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Special guest writer today folks.

Hello readers and loyal followers of HungryGuyMadison.  Matthew is working on a very long and detailed posting today which should be published here sometime tomorrow evening.  I hope that you will look forward to it's arrival and will take the time to read this very important posting.
In the meantime Matthew has asked me to post a link to another blog which he feels is also important and very deserving of your time.  I know you all have busy schedules and as a supporter of Matthew Schauenburg and a member of his campaign staff, I thank each and every one of you for your involvement in what has come to be called the Wisconsin Movement.
The following article comes from somebody who knew Scott Walker personally in college, before Walker dropped out in shame and anger, and it sums up very distinctly the character of somebody like Governor Walker and shows how his behaviour and tactics have never changed since childhood.

Matthew Schauenburg, candidate for state assembly, organizer and activist, blogger and citizen journalist, will return tomorrow for his regular posting.  Thank you all, in solidarity.
And you may enjoy this as well:

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