Sunday, May 6, 2012

48 Hours

Hello everyone and greetings from Madison, Wisconsin a.k.a. 'ground zero' in the fight to preserve democracy in America.  So many people have been working so hard for so long and now we are just 48 hours away from the primary election in the effort to recall Scott Walker.

Tensions are really starting to rise and the excitement in the air is nearly palpable.  There is very little concern over the republicans 'fake democrats' as the citizens are very aware of this strategy from last year and once again will not fall for it.  As a matter of fact recent polls are showing that the Wisconsin GOTea party fake candidates are even drawing some serious ire from within the ranks of registered republican voters.

Meanwhile the candidate that I support for lieutenant governor in this election cycle Mahlon Mitchell seems to be pulling safely ahead of the pack I am glad to report.  And on the republican ticket challenger to Scott Walker, Arthur Kohl-Riggs (a traditional fiscally conservative and socially moderate republican) is seeing his popularity rise daily.  I don't believe he will actually put much of a dent in the numbers against Walker but I support a candidate like Arthur Kohl-Riggs who is not afraid to take on the radical wing of the Wisconsin Republican Party.

And my campaign for the 48th Assembly District is going very well indeed.  Lots of signatures gathered and having a great time meeting all kinds of folks around the district and hearing what they have to say about the issue's.  Support has been strong and growing and I am excited to announce that later this week fellow candidates for office and myself will be announcing a press conference where we will sign a Clean Campaign Contract.  This will entail no attack ads or negativity at all.  Also campaign donation limits of $100 and no out of state business money.  A return to clean, decent and honest elections in Wisconsin.

These are very exciting times indeed people, and I am feeling more and more hopeful with every passing day that we will return Wisconsin back to the citizens.  That the attacks on all working families will end.  That the war on science and health will be ended once and for all.  Wisconsin spring is in the air and I could not be happier about it.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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