Monday, May 14, 2012

The easiest posting to create ever.........

........and that is a good thing because I just don't have the strength to put out too much effort today.  Feeling a little under the weather lately I'm sorry to say, and that has kept me away from the Solidarity SingAlong as well as some other recent events I would have like to report on.

But I do have some information to share with my readers, first is an interesting twist in what surely must be some newly revealed information given in exchange for a sentencing agreement in the ongoing federal probe into Scott Walker, his campaign and agenda

Also I would like to add that yesterdays 18 hole disc golf meet and greet at Heistand Park was a really positive event and there is enough interest that I have decided to make it a bi-monthly event.

And voting is free but campaigning for office certainly is not.  Since Scott Walker and his GOTea rubber-stampers have dissolved Wisconsin state campaign funding, which levelled the playing field and made transparency a non-issue, it is now up to candidates to get funding as they can.  And so I am asking you to help my campaign either online at

If you dont like to donate online or over the phone that is entirely understandable so you can also mail a check or money order (nothing over $100 please) to:

Schauenburg for Assembly
c/o U.W.Credit Union
PO Box 44963
Madison, WI 53744

Speaking of elections, with the college semester ending we are spreading the word to all we can on the importance of, and how to absentee vote, for students who may be temporarily out of state soon.

Thank you everybody for reading and I will be back soon with more news from the front line here in Madison Wisconsin.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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