Wednesday, March 9, 2011

skipping day four

This afternoon the GOP convened a 'special legislative' session and voted (contrary to the law and procedure), then hastily presented a stripped-down ineptly arranged 'split' bill version of Scott Walker's Budget Reform Bill, or union-busting act.

I don't think this will stand before the WI State Supreme Court, but that will take awhile to happen.  I'm predicting a monstrous rally on Saturday if not before.  I was in the Capitol on hunger strike day #4 this afternoon when the students and organizers came flying in the place alerting us to what was happening.  Protesters by the hundreds starting flooding the building from every corner of Madison.

I can't really get into it all right now; I'm more drained than I have probably ever been before.  Check out the news (not Fox)  There are a few possible directions this could take.  I gotta do some networking and get some sleep for the first time in days.  The hunger strike is still on !!!

The GOP broke the law and this is not over yet.  Only one chapter has closed.

On Wisconsin!  FORWARD!!!

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