Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 16 Worying everybody again

A cloudy and dismal  day in southern Wisconsin.  It does perfectly match my mood though.  Woke up feeling more sick and weak than ever before and my mind was so cloudy and confused it took me several minutes to realise why I felt so incredibly lousy.  As I wash up and come to my sense's I remember that today is the memorial service for a friend that passed away recently.  That basically made up my mind, I wasn't going to the Capitol today!  The movement will just have to to take care of itself for now iinstead I spend the morning watching political commentary programming until I cant take it anymore and then switch over to C.N.N. until that just becomes too darn depressing.  It feels to me like the world  only exists today to bring me down.  I have to wonder how much of that is from  losing my friend and how much is just my bio-chemistry messing with me due to  malnutrition?
So that was my day until  it was time to head to the Cardinal Bar on Wilson for the memorial.   Every corner was filled with lots of good memories and many stories  were shared.  The music performed by a variety of artists was perfect in its composition for the collection of family, fellow artists and friends.  Kurt was eulogised, toasted and remembered as a wonderful friend and human being of exceptional skill and talent who passed away due to complications arising from being a jazz pianist, long before his time was through.  Kurt was taken from this world on his 55th birthday.  Madison Wisconsin music now has a permanent void.  We are gonna miss you!

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