Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 18 Let it rain, rain, rain.......hopefully not on me

Nothing like a springtime stroll in a nice gentle sprinkling of rain.  The peaceful gentle patter of the droplets like the soft drumming of the approach of fair and sunny weather.  Unless your in Wisconsin that is of course.  Then its stinging droplets driven into your eyeballs by arctic like winds howling across a frozen and muddied landscape of desolation and despair.  Oh joy, oh joy.
Just kidding it's not that bad really.  Well most of the time it's not that bad.  Today is fairly tolerable for the most part.  It's kind of funny though how the weather and sunlight affect the image of Wisconsin's state Capitol building.  On a bright and sunny day the stonework outside of the structure's glows an almost blinking white, visible out to the horizon.  As the summer sun set the stone radiates with orange, red and purple.  On a day like today the stone turns a depressingly awful and flat shade of grey.
I approach the west entrance to the building and see a long row of sign carrying women filing up to go into the building.  I line up with them and after some conversation find out that they are all librarians, directors, and assistants here to state their case regarding budget cuts to the state library system.  Of major concern was funding being cut for community after school programs in troubled area's.  One librarian told me that crime in the neighborhood around her library was reduced by 70% due to such programs.  I love being around educated and informed protesters.  Especially ones with such heart.
As the line to get in seemed to be moving very slowly I asked the ladies if anyone had checked to see if there was such a long line at the east entrance.  They promptly informed me that I should walk to the other end of the grounds and check on that status, then come back and inform them if I could save them some time getting into the capitol.  Excuse me?!?!  I'm a fool for being caught in the rain but they are standing there with friends all warm and dry in trench coats and umbrella's chatting away amiably and "I" should go walking in the rain for them.  I'm sick and weak from a hunger strike and I look that way.  I'm carrying a sign that clearly states 'hunger strike day 18.'  Sorry I was just ranting there.  They really were great though and some of us spent time together inside discussing the issue's.  Just my personal opinion here but I believe the three most important pieces of legislation in the last century are:  Rural electrification.  The Interstate Highway Act.  The creation of the American Library system.
Oddly enough when I get to the east entrance there is a equally long line composed of all men waiting to get into the building.  Apparently it just worked out that way somehow. 
The day passed as all of them most likely will this week which is rather slowly.  I don't see the Budget Reform Bill going anywhere at all until next week.  Then life will get interesting again.  Until then, Another day longer, Another day stronger.


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