Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 10

Stupid blog site just wiped out the posting I completed for today's entry.  I'm growing weaker and don't have the energy to re-do this work.  Anyway, the movement continues and the fight is not nearly over.  Once again I would like to thank all the folks who have come up to me at the Capitol building to give thanks and support, especially since my elected officials and even the unions themselves consider me and my hunger strike as being just far too radical for them.  I wonder if they think the majority of Wisconsin citizens feel the same as their rights, wages, and health care, along with the children's education, is being stripped from them by a governor without respect for the laws of this great state.

Speaking of which, a special note here quick to those who are trying to dissuade me from the hunger strike:
"Thank you for your concern for my well being, but I have already spoken with friends and spiritual counsel and am quite dedicated to my path and course of action.  I am at peace with my decision, and efforts to change my mind, as well meant as they are, are merely using up my time and energy and I'm definitely short on energy and probably time as well."

Also, I would like to remind readers that the movement is being subverted by the bulk of the media.  Protester numbers are grossly under-reported, if mentioned at all.  Particularly I am unhappy with Wisconsin coverage in general, and local (Madison) coverage in particular, especially in regards to my struggle.  The only local media willing to cover the hunger strike so far is WORT radio (89.9 f.m.) and WKOW television (channel 27).  Even progressive print media outlet The Isthmus has shown no interest.  Worse yet, after the events of last week Thursday when contacting media outlets to let them know the movement and hunger strike would continue, whoever took my call at the WISC Ch 3 news desk stated to me "that's great . . . die."  Such obviously un-biased journalistic professionalism!

I need to wrap things up now with a big heart felt thanks to all those who read this blog and are taking an interest in this historic movement.  You are the ones who will lead the citizens of this great state to victory.

And once again I am very much in need of legal counsel in the matter of preparing a living will for myself as part of my hunger strike.  If you are qualified and have the time and willing to work pro-bono, I really need your help. Also, if anyone has a laptop computer that they could afford to loan me for use at the capitol building that would be greatly appreciated.

A big shout out to Community Pharmacy in Madison for the health care advice.  Stay the course and fight the good fight, people.  We will win this battle.  Thank you.

On Wisconsin!  FORWARD!!!!

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