Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day Three, Monday March 7th

Another day begun, early inside the State Capitol building in lovely Madison.  Things started out slowly, as I'm beginning to understand is par for the course.  Myself and a group of hardcore protesters filed in along with some early, bleary-eyed yet sharp dressed state employees.  I select my spot for the morning on the ground floor center rotunda.  I'm no more than ten pages into the novel I'm reading when a reporter from Milwaukee asks me for an interview which  I accept.  Half an hour later it's a stringer from a northern WI news crew asking the same.  Then a radio interview for MIT student radio in Manhattan.  And on and on.  I'm completely caught by surprise that I am receiving so much attention so soon.  Kind of weird too actually, as I'm not very used to reporters and cameras focusing on me.  Suddenly I realise I need to figure out a way to be a media spokesperson and consultant because I'm in this alone.

Well, perhaps I shouldn't say alone as at least a hundred people a day come up to speak with me, take a picture and such.  Towards the end I think it is these supporters who will keep me going when things get really tough.  In solidarity I thank you all.

On Wisconsin!  FORWARD!!!

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