Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 14

I arrived at the Capitol this morning feeling guilty for not having been there yesterday.  Several people expressed their concern for my well-being and I really appreciate that.  It seems so weird to be doing this.  Half the time it seems I'm about to pass out and will be waking up in the hospital.  Half the time I feel like I could do this forever.  I'll pit my resolve against the Governor's any day of the week.

Met a very nice guy who came in from Nevada to witness the scene at the Capitol building.  He was quietly disappointed to find a crowd of hundreds as opposed to tens of thousands.  I told him that a lot of the anti-Walker movement was following the Governor around the state as he spreads his message of anti-unionism and self-righteous elitism around Wisconsin.

From what I hear the anti-Walker folks have been outnumbering the conservatives and Tea Partiers across the state.  Keep up the fight, people.  Let Walker know just how unpopular his under-handed plots truly are.

Received word this afternoon about the restraining order on publication of Walker's union-busting bill.  Now it just remains to be seen if the Republicans will try to re-introduce the bill in 2 weeks according to procedure  (hopefully) this time.  Or perhaps they will attempt to re-write the bill with input from  Independents and Democrats to improve their odds of keeping solidarity within their own ranks while easing public disapproval of their methods.  I believe they're getting very concerned about the momentum behind the recall elections.  Hopefully they will be willing to participate in some bilateral talks as that would qualify as one of the 2 points I'm basing the hunger strike on.

I'm looking forward to Saturday's rallies.  My health won't permit me to march along with folks but I'll be waiting at the Capitol building when they arrive.  Also, momentum is gaining for a fund raiser to help offset the financial difficulties associated with the strike.

Looking forward to seeing a whole bunch of you tomorrow.  Feel free to send my pics and comments on this blog or the anti-Walker movement or whatever you feel like.  Keep it up!

On Wisconsin!  FORWARD!!!!

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