Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 9 Its starting to get old

It's getting old, my thoughts are getting fuzzier, I'm getting weaker and my stomach is doing some very odd things I don't particularly enjoy.  But that's okay, the cause is worth it.  A lady told me today that the Governor wasn't worth it.  I told her that I agreed about Walker, but Wisconsin is absolutely worth it.

Instead of going into the chronological version of my day I would like to just  make some brief points. Such as:

Why do so many folks assume I'm from Green Bay just because I'm wearing a #12 Aaron Rodgers jersey?

Big hats off to Mr. LaFollette (you gotta love that name) for refusing to be rushed into publication of the union-buster bill before the standard 10-day period.  Not only that, but he also hinted that the bill may need the input of the citizens of the state.

If you are opposed to Governor Walker's budget reform bill and have some time available, I could use a little advice from a attorney regarding living wills.

Also, an attorney for information regarding the legalities surrounding the possibility of my being eventually taken into custody and having medical treatment performed against my will.

Any nurses or doctors for rather obvious reasons.

I'm at the Capitol building everyday basically from open to close.  If you have the time I could really use some advice right about now and I would dearly appreciate it.

And of course anybody that would just happen to feel like stopping down and helping me in passing the time.

On Wisconsin!  FORWARD!!!!

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