Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 17

Some good weather helped lead to a good turnout today.  A strong sense of optimism seemed to be shared as we knew we had at least a weeks reprieve from any end-runs on the Budget Reform Bills advancement.  Well, so far anyway.

Im still weak and shaky like I was yesterday but my spirits are much higher.  My back hurts like holy heck though from sitting on a cold stone floor for hours everyday.  That just might cripple me up before going hungry does. 

A higher amount than usual approached me suggesting that I reconsider my hunger strike.  Thank you for the concern once again but there is absolutely no point in doing something like this unless your absolutely sure of carrying it out.  In addition, the devestating things that can happen to Wisconsin and its working families and individuals (particularly school children, the elderly,  minorities and the marginalized) from passage of the existing 'Budget Reform Bill' completely justifies this stance!  Even a fool can see that citizens will suffer and some die due to these budget cuts that will only help corporations and the insanely wealthy.

If your really that concerned about a person suffering from a hunger strike, please look into Warren Lilly jr. a inmate in the state correctional system.  This man has been on hunger strike for five years!  He is force fed by the state of Wisconsin six days a week.  I can not imagine the suffering he has gone through.  The Daily Page has some coverage of Warren Lilly jr. and some links as well.  Hope springs eternal.

On Wiscosin!   FORWARD!!!!

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Daughter Number Three said...

I was at the Capitol on this day, and saw you sitting by the pillar. I didn't know about your strike until then, and just found out about your blog from Andrew Kroll at MoJo.

I waved hello at you that day, but wish I had stopped to talk and thank you for your courage and commitment.