Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 23 Al Queda/G.O.P. have a good larf at my exspense

So I just got done reading on that when GOP Senators were contacted about the hunger strike the majority had no comment.  Reportedly there was even some laughter and joking concerning the possibility of my dying as a result of the hunger strike.  I for one am not surprised.

Where doe's Al Queda fit into all of this.  Well let me explain:  Wisconsin Republicans apparently by their actions have no respect for the laws of this great state.  Wisconsin Republicans demonstrably have no respect for the citizens of Wisconsin who they are trying to impoverish.  Wisconsin Republicans by the response to my hunger strike have no respect for a citizens life and may even wish me dead.

So lets add this up now.

Hatred of Democracy assumable up to the level of the Constitution +
Hatred of the laws of a civilized(?) and sovereign nation +
Disregard for the lives and/or desire to end citizens life =

God damn lousy stinking, cowardly America hating terrorists !  At least now we have a basis to decide how much respect they should be shown as human being's.

Thank you everyone for your support.  See you at the Capitol on Monday (hopefully.)

On Wisconsin!   FORWARD!!!!


jmcculloch said...

Dear Matt,
I applaud what you're doing for Democracy, but I am concerned for you, and fear that your life - or death may be in vain. Obviously, these republicans do not care. I do. We need your voice, not your death. Please reconsider your choice. I have forwarded the various articles about you to many people, including sharing your story on FB. Are you still in need of a Dr.? I may be able to find one for you.

k.albrecht said...

Matt, I am with you in the despair I can only presume how you feel, I am the person who tried to see you last week in the article on politiscoop. I have a lot of respect for your resolve and willingness to put your life on the line for the many great citizens of this state, and nation. And I will not lose one bit of respect for you if you chose to change the direction of your resolve, I will stand with you, as I do in your choice now, but I do beg of you to not let Walker take you from us and this cause. He does not care about you, us, the Constitution, or the Law. I am moved to tears when I think of the sincerity and level of your compassion for the next person. Please choose to fight with us in life, we really need you and all that you stand for in the future as well. Whatever you decide I will stand with you, I just want you to know we need you alive and fighting more than we need your blood on Walkers hands.

Eileen Orzoff-Baranyk said...

the Dems you need you around to fight! It's obvious that republicans don't really care for human life. Please eat and live to fight another day.


Cindy G said...

I, too, admire your strength and what you have accomplished; but worry very much about you. I also ask you to reconsider your choice. Your life is valuable. Live to fight! With deep respect.

RustBelt MetalBender said...

Dear Matt,
I can't thank you enough for the fasting. But you have done such a good job so far, that even a guy like me who lives under a rock was able to stumble upon your story while facebooking/surfing. You will be remembered for all the positive awareness that you created for our cause of Union Rights- but you can stop now. Please know that I'm looking "Forward" to meeting your in person someday, so as to thank you for this. Sincerely,
M. Denzin, Milwaukee


Liz said...

I agree with the other writers here. We need you to fight next to us. I understand personally and greatly admire your need to do something drastic, but there is so much more left to do. Please consider breaking your strike so that we can all fight together for justice!!!! WE NEED YOU!!!

Quiet One said...

Your courage and passion are commendable, but we need you alive and healthy. Please consider ending the fast and moving on in some other fashion to oppose what is happening here in Wisconsin. You have inspired so many of us - and we all want you to live!

Urban Pink said...

I am also concerned for your life, and I maybe the Judge's order can relieve your job. She is part of Democracy doing it's job.

On the other hand, what you are doing is a powerful contrast to what I believe is the GOP's worship of money over people. You are fighting for the livelihoods of all Americans; and they are fighting for the greed of the few who care nothing for the prosperous future of America.

Ree said...

What is Al Queda?

I think it's funny too. I don't wish death upon you, but if you do it to yourself why can't I laugh?