Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 15 Some good news...

Have to admit to having been in a pretty good mood headed for the Capitol this morning.  I felt much better than I was the last few days.  The sun was out and you could feel spring waiting just around the corner.  I arrived at the Capitol just before ten and got comfortable (a very relative term here) to wait out the first contingent of marchers heading in from Library Mall.

Two victories for our side this week and the timing could not have been better.  Hopefully now Governor Walker and his rubber stamp brigade of neo-ditto-heads will have to at least make a good showing of being politicians and open up a dialogue with the rest of the Senate and Assembly.

The number of marchers was higher than I anticipated for so early in the day, and that just elevated my already good spirits.  Heartwarming to see so many concerned souls dedicating themselves to the cause when the weather was so nice.

Met some old friends and some very interesting new souls throughout the course of the day.  Protester numbers on the square only increased as other parades of the politically aware arrived.  We even had a gentleman show up in the rotunda today to serenade us with an original tune he penned, and sung very well, his rich voice echoing throughout the Capitol--a nice change of pace from the familiar chants and songs.  The song he wrote called 'Whose House, Our House' is on YouTube I'm told, and is worth checking out.

Tomorrow night I should have some definite new information of the fundraiser at least in regards to date, time and venue location.  There is one band already lined up but if you are looking for a gig for your band in 2 to 4 weeks send me an e-mail.

On the down side of things today there was a long list of people this afternoon who tried to dissuade me from furthering the hunger strike.  And I agree with them that the Governor 'is not worth it'  but the great state of Wisconsin and her people are though, so please stop wasting both your time and mine.

One more quick gripe: whoever you are, blond-haired lady in the rotunda . . . please stop showing up at noon every day and standing right next to me with your ass in my face!!!  It's damn rude making me  move every day, I have enough to deal with lately without having to be attacked by your butt every 24 hours!

There, done with that.

Please send me all the photos and comments you want, I really appreciate the encouragement and mementos.  I know we are overshadowed in the media this week by the terrible things occurring in Libya and Japan, but our momentum and the Republicans fear of us is growing.  Keep up the good fight and I'll be talking to you again soon.  Thank you.

On Wisconsin!  FORWARD!!!!

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