Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 12

Woke up, ran a quick errand, took a nap.  Woke up, stood up, fell down and was told I then slept for another fifteen hours.  Nothing takes the wind out of your sails like a hunger strike.
Detailed day thirteen entry coming soon, sorry this is so brief.
Im still in need of legal and medical advice folks if your willing and qualified.  Gotta head to the capitol dog house now.  Keep up the fight.
On Wisconsin !  FORWARD !!!!


Rebecca Kemble said...

I'm glad to see you posting. I've been looking for you and missed you the past two days.

Tricia said...

Matthew, I have thought about you a lot since meeting you at the Capitol on Sunday, Day 9, of your hunger strike. My son (Jacob) and I check out your blog everyday to see how you are doing. We worry.
Today, some good news from the courts. Things are starting to sway in our direction! Please take care of yourself.