Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Open letter to the MEN of the 49th district.

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Travis Tranel is more than just your incumbent Representative for the 49th District; he is abnormal in that he is twenty-some years old.  He is also normal in that, as a late-teenager/twenty some year old, he seems to believe he knows everything.  From top to bottom, big to small, Travis Tranel seems to feel that he knows it all.  One of the big things that he knows is that when all is said and done, Wisconsinite’s are just too plain dumb to legislate, to govern themselves.  He has proven this time and again on the Assembly floor by refusing to listen to any other Representatives from Wisconsin.

He does however listen to rich fat-cats from the East Coast, most notably New Jersey.  Travis knows that these people are smarter than you and I, and for that reason (along with the campaign donations that is) he is helping them in taking over Wisconsin government, to rule over us.

You see Travis has a 99.7% record in the Assembly, of voting for each and every single piece of legislation sent to him by the fat-cat group known as ALEC.  ALEC writes the laws that they want to see govern our lives here in Wisconsin, and then they send them to people like Travis who rubber stamp them into the law of the land.  Now the folks in ALEC are a little wiser and more patient than Travis Tranel, which is why they don’t send all of their legislation in one big bulk folder to be voted on immediately.  ALEC knows that too much change too fast will cause people to worry.  So they send step 1 legislation to Minnesota and the step 2 legislation to Wisconsin and step 3 to say….Illinois.

That way a law gets passed in Minnesota and nothing very radical changes right away.  And the folks in Minnesota get to see the step 2 laws being phased in, in Wisconsin and step 3 in the other state.  Then a year or two later ALEC will push the step 2 and 3 laws in Minnesota where people have already seen these new laws in other states and they don’t flinch too much because everything has been slowly introduced and the change is spread out over time.

But once those 3 levels of laws are passed everything changes radically, they just introduce the radical new laws in bite sized chunks to keep folks from panicking.  Until all the new laws are in place and working together as they were intended that is, and then folks start to panic, after it is already too late and the damage is being done.

“The War on Women” is something we have all heard lots about lately.  And the laws concerning wage equality, birth control, abortion, rape that is spreading across the entire nation are coming from ALEC.  And they are being introduced slowly, “phased in” as it were, because ALEC knows that if ALL the legislation was introduced ALL at once and ALL at the same time that people would panic and try to stop those laws.  Especially the laws you have been hearing about so very much lately that deal with rape, incest, pedophilia and abortion.

Now let’s look a few years down the road if you will, good men of Wisconsin, and let’s see what could happen in our lives if rubber stamp Travis has his way and our laws all radically change.  Let’s say that you are married, happily so as many of you are, and you have children.  One boy and one girl and a happy little home that you all live in.  A charming little picture of your typical, happy Wisconsin family.  Now let’s say that one day you go off to work and sometime in the afternoon a police officer shows up to where you work.  You get called aside and are told that something tragic happened at home while you were away at work.  Some criminal low-life broke into your home and raped your wife.  How would you feel?  What would be the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about something horrible like this possibly happening?  More than likely, you think about protecting your wife and family.

 Now for the sake of argument, and I know this is no fun to think about-but we must because wishing does not make things go away, let’s say that the rapist got your wife pregnant during his cowardly and criminal attack.  If ALEC and Travis “I’m more radical than Scott Walker” Tranel have their way, you and your wife’s problems would just be starting.  This is because if all the ALEC laws are passed you would have to worry about:

The criminal, the rapist would have as much say as you or your wife when it comes to dealing not only with the pregnancy, but what medical care she can receive if it were to have a possible influence on the pregnancy.

The criminal could take you to court and legally demand, and win a verdict, that you and your wife have to deal with that nine month pregnancy, knowing all the time that the criminals child of rape was growing inside.

You would have to deal with the cost of the pregnancy, along with everything else that you would have to deal with, after some mad dog rapists breaks into your home and attacks your wife.

You would have to deal with the cost of the delivery and making your home ready for a new and unwanted baby, one that is a child of rape.

The rapist could take you to court if he felt you weren’t raising HIS child the way that he wants.  He could make you pay not only the cost of raising his child, but for special schooling and activities that he, the rapist, feels that HIS child is entitled to.

How would you feel about this child of rape?  Could you unconditionally love the child as your own?  Would you and your wife be able to deal with the daily reminder of the tragedy that occurred which brought about the child?

How would your own children respond to this new child?  How would you explain to them why this new child must be accepted into your home?

How would you feel about the criminal, the rapist, having visitation rights?  Being able to come into your home on a regular basis and judge the care you are giving to HIS child?

How would you feel if the rapist belonged to another race or culture, and felt that you need to relocate your family to live closer to say a big city, where the rapist and his immediate family live?  That way the rapist could breathe easy knowing that HIS child was being raised (by you) in the way he wants.
What if the rapist decided that he did not agree with your religion?  He would have the right to take you to court and say that HIS child should be raised Southern Baptist, or Unitarian.  What if the rapist wanted HIS child raised as an Orthodox Jew or perhaps Muslim or Atheist?  How would you feel about things then?

What if the rapist broke into your home while you were away at work and your wife wasn’t home but somebody else was?  Somebody like your sister or your very own daughter.  What if your mother was visiting that day when the rapist broke in?  How would you feel about things then?

These are all terrible questions and terrible thoughts.  Wishing will not make the possibility of these things happening in the future go away!  Only “manning up” and voting out ALEC can fix the problem and prevent these situations from happening to Wisconsin citizens in the future.  And who better than Wisconsinites to decide what Wisconsin’s future should be?  Regardless of what rubber stamp Travis and his ALEC buddies think.

There are many MEN out there who are brave, proud and strong.  Men like that are not afraid of a women being paid a fair wage for fair work.  They are not afraid of a woman being able to make up her own mind and choose what she knows is best for her.  A strong man is confident that he can fairly compete on a level playing field with anyone.

Some men are not so brave or proud or strong.  They feel they need every little advantage and dirty trick in the world to tip the scales in favor of them.  They are not confident that they can stand on their own, that they can compete with women, that they can handle a fair and level playing field.  Those “men” will be voting for Travis Tranel on November 6th.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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