Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rejected without merit!

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This story is gaining interest and will be viral by tonight, at least in Wisconsin internet circles.  That is unless Fox News gets hold of it and starts whining from the rooftops to take attention away from Willard Mitt Romney's nationwide debacle last night.

Like I said it was a bar time brawl with two young men thrashing another young man.  The young man who ended up with the black eye and the bloody nose was the son of tea bag extremist Senator Neal Kedzie.  And Poppa Kedzie is right at this very moment using his entire staff and all of his connections to get his version of the story out to all possible media sources before the official police investigation results can be released.  When the mainstream media is calling me first thing in the morning you know something big is going on. 

The story goes like this, Senator Kedzie's son Sean was asleep inside his dwelling on or near the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater campus.  Sean heard a "commotion" outside and ventured out to investigate.  There he saw a young man about his own age removing his (Sean's) Romney/Ryan lawn sign.  Sean allegedly demanded that the sign be returned to its previous spot.  The other young man then neatly placed the sign back where it was.  And here is where it gets interesting.

At this point a second young man (presumed to be an accomplice of the first young man who removed, then replaced the sign) burst out of the darkness and placed Sean Kedzie in a choke hold.  The first young man (sign guy) then started striking Sean about the face and head.  At this time Sean's neighbor awoke and came outside to see what all the noise was about.  Seeing the fracas, the neighbor yelled for the two assailants to cease what they were doing at which point they ran off into the night.

The neighbor called the police who sent a squad car over to take a statement and begin a preliminary field investigation.  Statements were taken by Sean and the person next door who made the 911 call.  Sean was then transported (at this point we don't know if he drove himself, police or an ambulance took him, or perhaps even the guy next door) to a medical facility where he was treated for his bloody nose and black eye and released.

At some point Sean Kedzie called his father and related the incident to him.  Sen. Kedzie then began calling his staff and told them to start alerting the media.  Senator Kedzie then drove to see his son before he was released by medical staff and took a picture of his sons face.  The kid did not look great I have to admit, his nose may have been broken.  One eye was puffed half-way shut and on the other side it looked like a black eye was developing.  I am certain that it did not feel good and I hope that the injuries incurred were not any more serious than they appear to be.

And as I stated above Sean Kedzie was released and his dad then drove him back home.  Then the Senator, along with his staff, began the media blitz.  Apparently all due influence was used and the picture of the black eye and bloody nose was spread far and wide.  Pressure was applied to make this a leading story in the morning news cycle.  These efforts are continuing even now and that is where things are at this moment as I write this posting.

Now some questions come to my mind (and apparently the media's as well which is why I and some others were contacted) which I will share with you all.

I live in Madison which has a huge campus and student population.  Recently on any given evening, I see drunk frat boys stumbling down the sidewalk being loud and aggressive.  I see them rip a "Tammy Baldwin for Congress" yard sign up and then, a few doors down they will tear out a "I stand with Scott Walker" sign out of someones yard.  We all know this behaviour is commonplace, so how can the Senator definitely say that the attack is politically motivated?

Senator Kedzie is a big supporter of fellow tea bagger Representative Pridemore who said that battered women while being beaten by a boyfriend or spouse should just "remember the good times they had and after the beating, return to life as normal"  With that in mind, should not the Senators advice to his son have been to do the same?  Just accept the beating as a normal part of interacting with others and then go on as if nothing happened?  Why the denouncement of the alleged attack?  Why tout the black eye picture out to the press to demonize the attack and the attacker if he considers this normal and totally acceptable behaviour?

If one of the alleged assailants caused a distraction/commotion, by noisily and blatantly tampering with the Romney/Ryan yard sign while the other waited in the shadows, then that raises some more questions right there, such as:

Why not just ring the doorbell and attack Sean Kedzie when he answered the door?  That would have been much quieter and less likely to lead to police investigation.

Why would the one assailant politely replace the yard sign?  If this was a premeditated attack, would not the focus be on attacking the target?  Would the one alleged assailant really take the time for niceties when he is on a serious mission of premeditated violence?

Since the yard sign story is so very, very iffy......and thus there is no evidence at all of a political motivation, should we not consider a alternative reason for the ambush?  College guys fight and beat on each other every day, on every campus, it is common as dirt.  Was this possibly not over a young woman?  Possibly over non-payment of a debt for a bag of pot or something?

Why would Poppa, Senator Kedzie be so incensed by this one presumed act of violence based on supposed political motivation?  He had no comment whatsoever when his fellow tea baggers attacked people inside the Capitol building in Madison earlier.  He had no comment or concern with  the 117 reported, definate cases of politically motivated violence that occurred against Independents and Democrats during the recall process of Scott Walker.

Why is Senator Kedzie so motivated to have the media cover his particular and specific version of events before the police have a chance to spend a few hours completing their initial investigation and making a statement about it?  That is what the members of the media are so curious about and why they have been contacting us citizen journalists and bloggers, because for obvious reasons they are not allowed to question the Senator on his motivations.

None of this really adds up to me.  It is possible that Senator Kedzie is being honest and realistic about what happened but the odds are really against it.  Especially when you consider the question that I and the media raised about his particular version of the alleged events.  We have all seen over and again, the far right wingers whine and cry whenever they are called out for wrongdoing and/or illegal activity.  As they throw their weight around , the political and monetary influence that they wield, they are always ready to call themselves "victims, victims, victims" anytime somebody disagrees with them and the agenda they are promoting.  Especially if the agenda involves the victimization of others.

We saw this with Randy Hopper, the disgraced for Wisconsin legislator who was recalled by the citizens of the badger state last year.  He was pulled over for swerving all over the road while drinking and driving.  He was found to have a illegal level of alcohol in his bloodstream (or blood in his alcohol stream) but he said he never did a single thing wrong.  That the reason he was charged with drunk driving was a matter of "political motivation" once again, we see the pattern of behaviour from the far right that I noted above.

And speaking of Randy Hopper, he is in the news again.  I will be waiting for him to make his initial court appearance soon, I am sure he will tell the judge that it is all a matter of "political motivation"


And as for Senator Neal and his son, Sean Kedzie and this story of alleged attack based on political motivation, unless some very convincing evidence shows up to somehow back up the story they are pushing, I have to say their version of things is "rejected without merit." 

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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