Monday, October 8, 2012

In the crush of days.....

With less than a month to go until the November general election I am happy to report that the brave and bold badgers fighting to preserve freedom, democracy and the Constitution are still hard at work.  Sometimes we get lost in the crush of days, we are over-stressed, over-worked and far beyond being "burnt out" and yet we struggle on.

It is easy to lose focus with the lies of the political ad's blasting in one ear and the illegally barked orders of a compromised Capitol Police & Security force in the other ear.  All the while some wing nut teabilly is running around waving guns and screaming that he has to protect his anus from the U.S. Army because the president is going to enforce mandatory homosexuality once he is re-elected in November.

With all this and more happening though, and after nearly two years of nonstop politics and activism, organizing and protest, lies and unbelievable lies, research and statistics, we are still fighting austerity and class warfare.  The confused, illogical and over-emotional and quite often, drunken rhetoric of the Tea Party, the lying and flip-flopping of Robin Vos and Glen Grothman, and the make it up as you go along orders of Chief Erwin have not been nearly enough to derail the Wisconsin Movement.  Lost in the crush of days, still we slog on through it all.

On any given day at the Capitol, in a ten minute period, you will encounter both singly and in groups, officers of the Capitol Police & Security Force telling both citizens and members of the state legislature that it is illegal to walk in the hallways of the Capitol or to use the stairs.  They will then tell you that it is okay to use the hallway or stairs but only if nobody else is using the hallway or stairs.  True story! They tell you that if this is confusing you can just get the new rules explained to you by a special officer who is there to inform people of all these new changes, and that she is not allowed to answer questions or speak to the public or the media.

 They will then tell you that if a officer comes up to you that it is illegal to answer a officers questions (harassment) or to not answer (hampering a non-existent investigation).  They will threaten to arrest you and this is very true "for charges they can not name because whatever it is you are doing is not illegal yet!"  But they can take you into custody anyway on the basis that they will declare whatever it is you did to be illegal at some point in the future.

Most of these officers know that this is all so very wrong, and that it constitutes illegal behaviour on their part.  But they are feeling compelled to become the very antithesis of a law officer lest Chief Erwin has them fired and takes away they're retirement and savings.  This is what happens when one lone nut job, political appointee like Erwin has run of the Capitol building.  And sadly there are very many more like him which we have to deal with day in and day out.  Yet still we continue on with our struggle.

Senseless?  Why yes it is.  Intimidating?  Why yes it is and designed to be that way.  Illogical?  Why, well yes, of course it is.  Just another day in the trenches though here at Ground Zero.  At least Representative Brett Hulsey is enjoying it though, he is now joining in with the McIver Institute and Chief Erwin and calling citizens out as "professional protesters" and saying they should not be at the Capitol.  All they do there, he implies, is complain about unconstitutionality and try to voice their concerns as citizens to the legislature.  If Hulsey was doing his job, then he would be bringing up these very serious matters of constitutionality and representing the constituents; he is a REPRESENTATIVE after all.  But like Chief Erwin, the tea baggers and the rubber stamps for ALEC he is out to be senseless, illogical and intimidating.  Plus it is to his benefit during his re-election effort to draw attention away from his own ethical/legal issue's which are not helping his campaign.

Less than a month until the election, also this month the multiple criminal court trials of Scott Walkers staff is beginning.  There is an end to the tunnel and there is a light that is shining from it.  Fight on you brave and bold badgers for the day of truth and judgment is coming near.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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