Thursday, October 11, 2012

My sisters and brothers, can you lend me your ears?

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We all know how the story goes.  Your at home in the evening and you just left your first job and are making dinner and trying to get the kids to do they're homework before you leave for your second job.  Or perhaps your making dinner in the evening, maybe your just hanging out with friends and watching the game while having a beer and relaxing when suddenly.....

The phone rings, you pick it up and a voice says "Hello I am calling from the Wisconsin Democratic Party and I was hoping you would have just a minute to answer two quick questions?"  We have all been on the receiving end of that call.  Some of us are instantly irritated and take it out on the caller.  Some of us are irritated and simply hang up.  Every once in awhile (thank goodness) one of us will take a minute out of their (possibly) busy schedule and agree to answer the questions.

What we all need to remember is that the person speaking to us over the phone is not a faceless drone who has devoted they're life to wasting your time.  That person on the phone is just like you, with a name and a face, with a busy life and other things they could be doing.  The difference is that the person on the phone is losing sleep, or family time, or possible overtime at work that they desperately need, to help the cause of democracy and the Wisconsin Movement.

They are deserving of praise for what they are doing, not dis-respect and certainly not abuse.  It is not easy at all to devote your precious time to cold calling a bunch of strangers every evening.  It is not easy to withstand the slings and arrows of contempt that they receive over and again from the people that they are calling.  The people on those call lists are supposedly concerned citizens and registered voters.  People that you would think would be willing to spare 60 seconds to answer a couple of simple questions regarding our, and our states future.

I became especially aware of these facts while calling a 84 year old life-long Democrat just the other day who, when I asked her if she had just a minute to answer 2 or 3 quick questions said to me "$#%& you and the horse you rode in on!"  Why would she think that I was Amish and owned a horse?  Just kidding, but that is the kind of thing that really makes one reconsider why they are spending all their time volunteering for a cause when the people they are trying to help are being rather petty and abusive.

I wont keep rambling on about the subject, and besides, I have to go and work my volunteer shift soon.  Just please remember that the person calling you on the phone is just that, a person.  They, like yourself, have feelings and emotions, they have better things they could be doing as well.  The big difference is that they are willing to sacrifice precious time for the good of us all.  So please support those efforts and the Wisconsin Movement as well, and give 60 seconds and a few breaths to reply to what they are asking, even if the answer is no.  They will appreciate the civility and little things like that mean a lot to us who are giving all that we possibly can for Wisconsin.

If you want to be angry about the state of affairs and let out some aggression over the phone, may I suggest you call:

Representative Robin Vos (R, ALEC) who just spoke to high schoolers in Wisconsin, sophomores about to get drivers licenses, and told them that sometimes you just need to take your hands off the wheel and text while driving.  This is not only illegal in Wisconsin, it is very, very dangerous and life threatening as is evidenced daily.  Of course knowing Vos he was actually "sexting"
608-266-9171 or 888-534-0063

Representative Roger Rivard (Tea Party) who is busy justifying his statement that "some girls are easy to rape"  And he was not talking about women, he was directly speaking about high school age and younger little girls.  I can not even begin to tell you how wrong this is and at so many levels.
608-266-2519 or 888-534-0075

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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