Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Robin that looks like a woodpecker (and sounds like a peckerwood)

Well it took myself and several others weeks of effort but we finally got it done.  We got the Racine County Sheriff's Department and District Attorney to agree to investigate a series of felonies that occurred there this year.  You may be wondering right now why we had to push to get these departments to do there job and investigate a crime, the explanation is simple and ugly.  The Racine County District Attorney as well as the head of the police department there are Tea Party extremists.  And, the person who allegedly committed those felonies is also a right wing extremist, one Samantha Vos the soon to be ex-wife of ALEC head in Wisconsin, Robin Vos.

And for weeks we had to make phone calls, provide information, and relentlessly push the Government Accountability Board, the Racine DA, The Racine County Clerk (another tea bagger) and police department to finally begin to investigate this serious matter.  Part of their reluctance to do so is because Robin Vos has been screaming from the mountain tops about voter fraud in Wisconsin, and thus the need for serious voter suppression laws which would cure the non-existent and unprovable allegations that he has been making.  In all reality of course the voter suppression law he sponsored would only serve to disenfranchise working class, elderly, veterans, students and minorities or in other words, people that wouldn't likely be voting for Robin Vos.  It would look very bad indeed for Robin Vos to be so close to the one and only verifiable case of voter fraud in the state and especially during an election year.

I had nearly given up on getting this investigation off the ground but my friend Roberta Retrum never relented in her pursuit of pushing for the investigation and it was her who finally got the effort of the ground.  And for that I can never thank her enough.  And Robin Vos can not hate her enough apparently.  The mainstream media reluctantly began to finally cover the story this week and Vos made sure that when the article was released, that his voice would be the loudest one.  And this is where things start to get "interesting", and by interesting when talking about Robin Vos, I mean "stupid."

Vos stated that Roberta Retrum had a personal vendetta against himself, this point he could not stress enough.  What Vos doesn't understand is that millions of Wisconsin citizens have strong feelings about him because he is the ALEC chair for the state of Wisconsin.  He is the leading tea bagger and the head of the vanguard when it comes to letting East Coast billionaires write the laws that decides the future of the badger state.  Vos jumped into the limelight and took up the extremist mantle personally, that is why he is the object of so much scorn.

Vos also stated that this is amongst other things, a political attack against himself.  Well, yes it is!  Once again Vos (like a spayed dog) doesn't get it.  Vos is a politician, he made allegations of voter fraud (completely and totally unproven at that) a cornerstone of his political agenda.  And thus when his soon to be ex-wife (number 3 or 4, I lose track of these things) committed felony voter fraud not once, but three times, it of course will lead to a political backlash against him.

Vos then further stated, that the "attack" was "personal in nature" and "disgusting."  Well Robin in regards to the personal part of things you should have expected it.  You are the one with the very public and rather hypocritical personal life.  I would remind my readers at this point that Vos is the one who when he wasn't toting "family values" to the media, was on the Internet while married taking out ad's for girlfriends.  He was well known years ago for enjoying wine and skinny dipping.  When you make your personal life a public matter it becomes fair game.  If he wanted his personal life to be personal, he shouldn't have been posting his infidelities on the Internet, along with nude photo's of himself.  "Dick pic's" as they are known, have a tendency to work against the best interest of the person taking them.  It did nothing good for Brett Farve, who was loved in Wisconsin, it will do no less for Robin, who is actually rather reviled in Wisconsin.

As for the "disgusting" part I don't see what can possibly be disgusting about a concerned citizen alerting the authorities to a crime.  Actually three crimes, all felonies, it would seem to me that Vos is the one with a disgusting lack of respect for the law in this matter.  And since we are discussing things that are disgusting, it was Robin Vos himself who had his tea party friends digging through dumpsters and garbage cans in Racine trying to substantiate his claims that voter fraud actually exists.  They rummaged through the dumpsters and came up proudly holding up to the light of day, in front of the media camera's, unused paperwork that was leftover after the elections in Racine.  That does not prove voter fraud Vos, it only means that the poll workers in Racine had more forms than they needed that day.  If there was any story at all there it was Vos's waste of media time and crying wolf, along with a lack of consideration for the recycling effort.  Media outlets were not too happy over that one either.

Perhaps by now you can see why there is not a whole lot of respect in Wisconsin for Robin Vos.  He is a over-compensating, strutting little peacock (well actually he looks more like a woodpecker) of a man, noted for his dishonesty and lack of fidelity.  Which is why his most recent in a series of wives (he also claims to be devoutly religious) left the state and filed for divorce from him.  Which brings us back to the matter of three cases of felony voter fraud against Samantha Vos.  She fled from Wisconsin to Idaho to file for divorce from Robin Vos.  To file divorce in Idaho she formally and legally claimed that she was a resident of the state of Idaho, was not a resident in any regards in any other state and, had no intentions of living in or taking part in activities in any other state in which she was not a resident.

She then voted in all three Wisconsin elections this year.  Which is a curious matter and there has been much talk and speculation recently about why she did that.  She knew that voter fraud is a felony, so why would she willingly and knowingly commit that felony?  Because Robin in her opinion is a disgusting excuse for a politician and representative of the people that she wanted to disgrace him?  Perhaps it was because she really wanted to see Scott Walker recalled?  Maybe it was her firing off a shot (or ballot)  against the GOTea and its war on women?  She could just be as arrogant and oblivious to reality as Robin is.   Most likely we will never know what inspired her to take the actions that she did, the likelihood of that coming out in court is very low.  But I am looking forward to there being a court case or at the very least, a plea bargain.  Likewise I am also looking forward to the comments that will come from Robin Vos after the trial, Robin Vos the woodpecker who cried wolf and ended up with pie on his face.  And not the type that he likes either but "piegate" is a story for another time.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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