Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thank you Wisconsin

A quick post readers it is late at night and I am tired, stressed, exhausted after a long week.  But there is no way I can go to sleep for the night without some very sincere thank-you's.  You see folks I had my kick-off event last night for my state assembly campaign.

First of all I would like to thank all of you who came out too see me last night.  I truly enjoyed meeting you all and speaking with you about the issue's we are facing in Wisconsin.  I respect and deeply admire your devotion to freedom and democracy, taking time out of your busy lives to educate yourselves on what is happening and taking action and being involved in the process.

To Rick and Will, to Cori and Mike and Danyell and Eric for all of your efforts in volunteering to pull off such a  positive event.  There is no way it could have happened without your efforts.

Huge SHOUT OUT to DJ Nick Nice who also volunteered his valuable time and resources for the event.  The music was great and it flowed like sweet wine all night long.  He also helped to MC the event when the speakers took the floor.

To my staff and supporters who came out to speak on my behalf a big thank you.  Your kind and inspiring words meant a lot to me.  And thank you for inspiring all those folks who came out an a rainy night to show support for my campaign.

To Randy and the staff down at Scooter Therapy  I really appreciate the use of your showroom. I appreciate you letting me get in your way setting up stages and tables and getting in your way in general during your busy work day.

And to all you folks out there who couldn't make it to the event, but sent your encouragement and helped to spread the word of the kick off event and my campaign, it is appreciated.  Your devotion and efforts to defeating the Walker/Koch regime and saving Wisconsin is truly touching.

Until tomorrow then brave and bold badgers everywhere, thank you very much and solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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