Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Monday

Unbelievably high temperatures, large rally after rally.  A tumultuous 33 hour session for the State Assembly, horrendous legislation being stamped out at record pace.  Horrid for its hastily prepared status as well as the content of the legislation.

A war on the women of Wisconsin unleashed.  Birth control/health laws destroyed, abortion legislation.  Abstinence and prayer replacing science in schools.  Glen Grothman shaming Wisconsin and embarrassing the nation over and again on national television.

Wolf trapping, rape laws, school voucher systems, transportation taxation structure, tens of thousands losing health care coverage, it seemed to never end.

A bi-partisan trial swing at the recall laws themselves in the State Constitution.  Inflammatory speeches, arrests and hysterics and histrionics.  It would take a year for me to describe it all.

We started out on a high from the weekend then slunk down with all the legislation being rammed through.  And then the sudden and immediate resignation of a GOTea Senator.  The Senate deadlocked leaving Walker nearly powerless until after the recall elections.

And dont forget the 'John Doe' investigation, that is getting more interesting with every passing week.

Also this coming Friday my kick off fundraiser, lots of great food and music.  Special guest speakers and of course yours truly, hope to see you all there.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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