Monday, March 26, 2012

Addendum by popular request

Some folks have asked me for links to the Robin Vos, Van Wanngard pay to play investigation.  I receive information from lots of sources, many of whom I cant name for reasons most folks should be able to easily understand.  Here is what I can give you folks who would like to look into this matter without compromising anything or anybody.

Representative Mark Pocan D - 78th Assembly District initiated this investigation (maybe alone and maybe not) after he became aware that the two GOTea members of the legislature named above (and maybe or maybe not others) had received free air fare, accommodations, VIP seating with all the extra's, at sporting events in exchange for ALEC written legislative blanks, to be modified later to fit existing Wisconsin laws.

This is PAY TO PLAY, money, gifts, hookers ( piegate still exists Robin Vos, the tape's are still around) it is all the same to the laws of the state of Wisconsin.  It is a very serious felony and it will be investigated and pursued pursuant to statutes.

Google it folks, it is out there.  Don't get me wrong please I am not trying to sound like some secretive figure connected to big dogs in the political arena.  I am a small player with a few connections to some mid-level political types.  I do have sources of current and future information to protect, that is the only reason why I cant give you all the full story just quite yet.

Stay tuned till tomorrow folks and I will most likely tell you the story of a blogger who took on a large scale mass media figure and stomped them into the tundra.  Solidarity forever.  And for those of you who noticed the profile picture change solidarity with Bo Morrison and Trayvon Martin.  RIP little brothers.

On Wisconsin!   FORWARD!!!!

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