Saturday, March 3, 2012

Funny stuff

In my last post I described the happenings at Solidarity Singalong #300 in the Capitol rotunda here in Madison.  Well most of the events, in the last couple days some new information has come to light regarding some events that I didn't report on that day.

We had some Amish folks who had come down to the Solidarity Singalong and joined us.  I couldn't see them from where I was and they were kind of shying away from the camera's and all.

It seems one of the people with a movie camera that day was there as part of a documentary film crew composed of the cameraman and another guy.  The other guy wore a L.A. Dodgers baseball hat and spoke briefly between songs once, something I really couldn't hear very clearly, he did say something about Europe though.

After the Singalong was over and after some discussion with friends I went outside and was crossing the capitol square as a light snow was falling.  I noticed a man wearing only a blue and white speedo with a microphone in his hand and being followed by a man with a camera coming towards me.  The man asked me if I would comment on some things for an interview for him, and I cautiously agreed to.  This is Madison after all and I figured I was dealing with a couple of college guys, maybe from the drama department.

The first question I was asked was whether or not I agree with the policies of Scott Walker.  I smiled and said that I couldn't say that I was completely in line with the governors policies.  Nice politic answer.  Then I was asked if I agreed with his statement that most of the anti-Walker protesters thought that America should be more like 'socialist Europe'?

Now that was a curious question and since I had no idea who I was dealing with and what they're agenda may be I maneuvered around answering by asking the interviewer if the speedo he was wearing was a comment on European culture?  He replied that yes the speedo was a European cultural reference and something else about the logic of wearing a speedo outside in winter in Wisconsin.

I then looked at him curiously for a moment and told him "eurowax" and he laughed and I walked away.  Nothing really too far outside the normal for this town, not an everyday occurrence but par for the course.

Well yesterday I saw on facebook that The Daily Kos was trying to identify the guy in the Dodgers hat and one of the cameramen from the Singalong the day before.  I saw the pictures they had posted of the two and it was the same as those that interviewed me I realized.

Well today the two were identified as none other than right wing producer Ami Horowitz himself.  Surprised I did not recognize him..  He has done some previous work for Glen Beck and Fox News amongst others.  What a interesting period in time it is to live in Wisconsin.  Something is going on constantly and you never know who you will meet.  Tumultuous times indeed but at least they are not boring times.

I wonder if Ami will use the footage they shot in Madison in some new project?  I wonder if palm trees will be involved? They came back for a second day of filming but Ami would only sit in the car while the cameraman shot some film.  Folks repeatedly asked them to join in the Singalong and ask them who they were but they declined and quickly left.  Guess they really didn't want to be identified.  Oh well just another day in Madtown.

And only nine days until the first anniversary of the Solidarity Singalong on Monday the 11th.  Going to be a big event and there should be tons of folks there.  Also on Saturday the 7th there is going to be a very large rally at the Capitol building in Madison.  The AFL_CIO and local unions amongst others are putting this on and I expect the turn out to be really big.  Hope to see you all there.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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