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Paul Ryan's Book of Ayn Rand, the Latter Day Saint.

In all honesty Paul Ryan metaphorically and not quite literally, burns the Bible. That is the degree of respect he shows for the book, for the New Testament it would seem.  At least in public anyway, I am not quite sure what he does at home with his family.  Paul Ryan of course is the Congressman from Janesville Wisconsin who was recently tapped as Mitt Romney's running mate for office.  You remember Willard "Mitt" Romney, he is the Bishop of the Mormon Church that has somehow flip-flopped and bought his way to the Republican National Convention in Orlando next week.

Mitt as a Mormon bishop, supports such "Christian" concepts as child brides and polygamy.  You would think that a candidate like Willard Romney who supports the raping of children as a path to Heaven would be as radical as it could ever get in a presidential race, well your wrong.  Romney is practically a humble and devout mainstream practitioner compared to his vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

Before I go any further though I must state that Willard Romney's radical Mormonism does not, absolutely does not reflect the views of the vast majority of Mormons, known as "Jack Mormons" who are mainstream Christians and have left behind the trappings of the old church, birthed in a bloody massacre in Utah in the nineteenth century.  The majority of Mormons want nothing more to do with child brides than they do with death and violence in the name of God.  They are good and humble, tax paying citizens devoted to family, faith and community.

Paul Ryan on the other hand is a different story, he makes a point of spending an hour every week on Sunday in church, well lately he does, for the sake of appearances.  And for the average low I.Q. member of the Tea Party, that is all the proof they need that Ryan is a devout Christian and follower of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.  For those of us with triple digit I.Q.'s though, the truth is more than just a matter of window dressing. Understanding the role religion plays in a individuals life, we know that there is certain behavior and beliefs that must accompany a statement of faith.

Ryan is a member of the Catholic Church, and membership has it's privileges, namely being able to call yourself a member of a church, which is considered good form for a national candidate.  But scratch the surface just ever so slightly, and you will see that the teachings of Paul Ryan, and the teachings of the Catholic Church, have almost no common ground whatsoever.

Jesus of Nazareth, known as the Christ, the "Prince of Peace" is neither followed nor respected by Paul Ryan.  Paul Ryan is a worshiper and devotee of the philosopher/novelist Ayn Rand.  She of course is the person who penned the book that replaces the Bible for the Tea Party, "Atlas Shrugged."

Ryan never seems to tire of promoting the teachings and philosophy of his messiah Rand.  He is proud to point out that reading and knowing Rand's literature is a requirement for all members of his staff, the Bible, not so much.  But like all self serving, and some might say self-worshiping types, Ryan picks and chooses from the teachings of Rand to suit his own agenda of greed and malevolence.

Lets start with a little background on the late Ayn Rand.  Born in the former Soviet Union to Jewish parents, Rand emigrated to the United States at an early age.  She developed a love of writing and of letters at an early age and experienced some commercial success with a manuscript that was adapted to a stage play and also a early motion picture.  It was at this time that she started to conceptualize her philosophy, her guiding force as it were, that she never stopped promoting which is known as "Objectivism."

The philosophy of Objectivism is a fairly simple one to grasp, which probably has a lot to do with the Tea Party adherence to it.  Basically Objectivism states that the individual, the unbounded ego, is all that could and should, ever matter in this life.  Rand as an Atheist not only talked the talk, she walked the walk, which makes her a much more honest person than Paul Ryan.  Ryan has the walk down, but falsely calls himself a Catholic....isn't there something in the ten commandments about bearing false witness?

Anyway, Rand never stopped promoting her philosophy, this Objectivism which is also known as "the morality of rational self-interest."  She believed that the individual should place their desires before other things such as family and friends, government and law, morality and ethics.  Her philosophy states that nothing should ever get in the way of the individual taking what they want, regardless of the cost.  This is of course diametrically opposed to the teachings of Jesus.

You can tell from the legislation that he pushes, that Paul Ryan is a strict adherent to placing his own interests above that of constituents, law and country.  And it is in the name of his political self interest that Paul Ryan breaks away from the very teachings of Ayn Rand, as those teachings do not serve his political interests.

Rand in the name of Objectivism, in the name of self interest, was a supporter of:

Abortion.  She did not believe that a pregnancy or child should be able to hinder the self interest of the individual.  Paul Ryan breaks with her here because his political base is anti-abortion, even in the case of rape or incest.  Paul Ryan is pro-rape though, that is apparent from the legislation he supports.  The truth is in the way he walks the walk, not the lies he espouses when he talks the talk.

General strikes.  Rand believed that strikes were a excellent way to force the change that she agreed with to come about, indeed it is a important part of her fictional novel Atlas Shrugged.  Paul Ryan believes in strikes, well he believes in his party shutting down the government to achieve its own ends.  He just doesn't believe that you or I should ever employ those same tactics for our benefit, as what is good for us is not necessarily good for Paul Ryan, which is all that Paul Ryan cares about.  This he has perfectly in common with Rand.

Rand was opposed, in the name of self interest to:

The military draft.  Ryan is pro-draft, just not for himself and other rich people.  He is a very strong supporter of sending the children of the working and middle class off to war to support economic interests like oil production and mineral rights.

Homophobic legislation.  Rand believed that you should let nothing get in the way of what you desire.  If you want to have a same sex relation, then you should have a same sex relation.  It is all about getting what you want and nothing else should ever matter.  Politically Ryan breaks with his god, I mean hero, Rand on this one, at least publicly, as it runs contrary to his political benefit.

Social Security and Medicare.  Rand was opposed to tax money being applied to the greater good of the nation.  Anything that helps somebody else was contrary to her beliefs.  Paul Ryan is also opposed to anything that is to the benefit of America as a nation.  Like Rand he believes only in making himself stronger, and the heck with anyone else, that includes one's own family.  Paul Ryan is where he is today though, because Social Security paid his way through college.  It is a good thing when it helped him, it is a bad thing when it helps anybody else.  Ayn Rand broke with her own philosophy on this matter as well, taking Social Security and Medicare benefits when it suited her need.  Even though she had plenty of money and could have made a very strong point supporting her own arguments, by not taking the benefits.

So there you have the philosophy of Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan, Objectivism, the love of one self and all else be damned.  Just like Ayn Rand proved herself a hypocrite by not strictly following her own philosophy, so is Ryan a hypocrite for worshipping Rand, but only when he has something to gain from it.

So you see, Ryan may claim to worship Jesus, to be a Christian.  But in all reality the teachings of Jesus, namely that the good of all people is the highest calling, do not appeal to Ryan.  What does appeal to him is the teachings of an Atheist, Benzedrine junkie, open marriage advocate and philosophical hypocrite.  Ryan may talk one way, but what really counts are not his words, but his actions.  And by his actions it is evident that Ryan would gladly throw the Bible he says he loves, to the ground and stand on it.  All the better to hold up high, the writings of his beloved Ayn Rand.

There is a reason why the Catholics Bishops of America have condemned Ryan and his austerity budget.  There is a reason why Catholic Nuns have taken to a nationwide tour, opposed to Ryan's dream of austerity.  There is a reason why Catholics nationwide are enraged at Paul Ryan spreading what they consider to be the Devil's work, in the name of Christ.  Nothing that Paul Ryan proposes for America, has anything to do with the teaching's of Jesus!  His own families parish priest has come out to speak against Paul Ryan.

At Rand's funeral there was a six foot tall floral arrangement in the shape of a dollar sign.  What a fitting statement that is to summarize the life of a person who only believed in worshipping herself and her personal desires.  I imagine there will be a similar floral arrangement in the future at Paul Ryan's service.  That way he could at least be honest in death, unlike how he is in life.

In case you were wondering if I'm the only one with these thoughts in mind......

And on a related note.......

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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