Wednesday, August 15, 2012

By their very definition

Hello readers and welcome back, I have to admit that I missed writing this blog while I was away recently.  Was busy working on the book version of this and my experiences in the Wisconsin Movement.  Just a quick posting for you today.  A posting about heroes, heroes of mine and hopefully, yours as well.

HERO:  A noun.  Definition-

     Admired for achievement and noble cause.

     One who shows great courage.

     Central figure in period, history or movement.

     Regarded as a model or ideal to others.

When I think about who my heroes are today, as I sit here in my office and watch the clouds rolling in across southern Wisconsin, certain names jump immediately to my mind.  Those heroes are ordinary citizens who have spent time, resources, themselves......for the betterment of all Wisconsinites.  People who have achieved results for a noble cause, who have shown great courage.  They have played a central role in a movement, as well as in Wisconsin history.

And they are most definitely  REGARDED AS A MODEL OR IDEAL to myself and many, many others across the great badger state.  And this is the list of those heroes:

Roberta Retrum

Randy Bryce

Bernie Starzewski

Joanne Studacher

These people and if there are others and I missed you I am deeply sorry, have been fighting since day one with all of they're hearts, for the Wisconsin Movement.  Through two winters they fought, all the while they continued to educate themselves and others, they grew stronger and more formidable, as they fought in the trenches to defend democracy, and the very state itself, for our children and our children's children's future.

All throughout the black days of 2011, through the recalls and more, they continued to slug it out, toe to toe, with the massive and unrelenting giants of corporate imperialism.  All the while they withstood the slings and arrows of verbal assault, they withstood vandalism of their property, and sometimes even threats against their very lives and well being.

They took on the powers that be, and the status quo, and throughout all that time, throughout that entire ongoing struggled, they maintained the high road of honor, decency and respect.  A truly Herculean task by any reasonable definition and for that I now salute them and the effort they produced in the hopes of helping out all of the rest of us.

Running a campaign is no easy task, the pure mental, emotional and physical effort involved is not easily described in words.  But its effects can be measured easily, measured by the pride, admiration and respect that the effort instills in others.  And I sincerely hope that the aforementioned will help these four brave souls recover from their efforts, as well as invigorate them all, for the continued fight to come.

Although these good citizens did not win the primaries that they dedicated themselves to, they have won something much greater for themselves, the eternal gratitude of all of us who realize what is at stake, and what this fight cost the brave individuals.  And although they may not be continuing on into the November general elections, they are winners all.  They are winners because they taught us all some very important things about heroism.  About never giving up the fight, about digging deep down and finding the strength buried deep inside all of us, the strength to do absolutely anything at all.

They taught millions of us Wisconsinites what it means to rise to the occasion.  They taught us what it means to take the lead and to never flinch at any obstacle thrown before us.  They reminded us of the meaning of humanity, and the meaning of courage and true strength.

They taught us what it means to be heroes, and for that they have, and always will, the admiration and gratitude of legions of fine human beings.  Thank you for being our heroes.  Thank you for being my hero and once again.....solidarity forever!

Addition to original posting:
It was brought to my attention that I left out one very important name from this list.  At the time I wrote this piece I was only thinking of the recent elections, but there is another very and truly heroic name that belongs on the list, and that is Lori Compas.  Lori Compas is the lone individual who recalled, and then ran against Fitzgerald, narrowly missing out on replacing him in the states legislature.  Truly a heroic and epic task which makes her quite a formidable person indeed.  Thank you to "M" for bringing that to my attention.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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Melissa said...

Hi. I think there's another very important hero that should be included in your list. That person is Lori Compas. She was the visionary, creator, and organizer of a truly grassroots campaign to save her district and our State from the callous, conniving, and cold-hearted Scott Fitzgerald. Her story is an amazing testament to all that can be accomplished if just one determined and courageous person stands up, and leads the way.