Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back in business again

Hello readers, I haven't had the chance to write any new posting the last week or so, I hope you are all doing well.  Or at least, as well as you can be in the middle of a civil war.  And although it is largely bloodless civil war so far (the TEA Party members have killed under a hundred law abiding citizens so far in various individual assaults and a mass shootings, as well as an attempted mass shootings so far) there is always the possibility for things to change, and change very fast.

One place where that change from bloodless ( almost ) to bloody may come, appears to be the State of Wisconsin's Capitol building here in Madison.  You see folks after all the upset and unrest at the Capitol over the last year and a half, there has been a change in leadership at the Capitol.  The Capitol Police and Security force which is in charge of maintaining safety and law and order there, is under a new administrator, that being one David Erwin.

I was very familiar with former Chief Charles Tubbs who struck me largely, as being a rather reasonable man.  After Mr Tubbs left to become the new head of Dane County Wisconsin's Emergency Management, (he was tired and frustrated by the politics at the Capitol, and the pressure he was under from GOTea legislators to beat and arrest innocent people) he was replaced by Interim Chief Daniel Blackdeer.  Mr Blackdeer and I spoke on numerous occasions about activity and politics at the Capitol. Like Charles Tubbs before him, Dan Blackdeer was feeling the pressure from the TEA party and the Republicans to injure and falsely arrest citizen activists in the Capitol building, exercising their constitutional rights.

I was hoping that Blackdeer would be named the new permanent head of the department, but knew the odds were against that ever happening.  And despite the staff of Capitol Police liking and respecting Mr Blackdeer and supporting his succession, it was not to happen.  Closed door politicking and promises made in whispers once again dominated what should have been a open and transparent process.

Talks between Poppa Fitzgerald who is head of the Wisconsin State Patrol, and Mike Huebsch who heads the Department of Administration, led to the position of Chief, being filled by newcomer David Erwin.  Did I mention that both Fitzgerald and Huebsch are TEA party members, as well as contributors to Scott Walker?

Anyway, Erwin applied for the job after speaking with his boss Mr Fitzgerald.  David Erwin was asked if he would be willing to do what the previous two Chiefs of the Capitol Police refused to do, which was to rule the Capitol building with an iron fist, and make it a place not of the people, but a headquarters for the GOTea where Democratic legislators would tread lightly, and citizens opposed to Scott Walker, would be given the Rodney King treatment.  David Erwin happily agreed to those terms and promised to carry out his illegal orders by any means necessary, well, by any means that they might possibly get away with in America anyway.

Whoops sorry folks, my mind slipped away on me again.  Did I forget to mention that David Erwin was, until this promotion, the personal head of Scott Walker's security detail?  Well he was, and of course still retains a tight relationship with the fraudulently elected governor.

And Erwin, wasted no time at all carrying out the orders as soon as he could take the oath of office, and immediately forget that he took the oath.  In less than two weeks time, the official call has gone out for an investigation into the hiring of Erwin, as well as a call for a investigation into illegal activities he has already carried out blatantly in the Capitol.

Chief Erwin last week, took matters into his own hands, and demanded the arrest of a peaceful citizen, even though that order was contrary to the law.  A well known activist who I will only identify as "Steve" was legally writing a message in erasable chalk on the public sidewalk outside the Capitol.  Chalking is legally and constitutionally protected free speech.  This has been known in Madison for a very long time.  We were amazed when last year, people were arrested for this.  Of course almost immediately all charges were dropped and all law enforcement was advised to NOT ARREST anyone for chalking.  This was made loud and clear to all law enforcement personnel.

And Erwin disregarded that almost as soon as he took office, to appease his radical task-masters, as well as to intimidate and harass those who disagreed with Scott Walker. And of course he picked the most peaceful, even tempered and respectful protester he could find, just to send a message.

 The unofficial word from the Dane County District Attorney's office, is that they will soon be announcing that the charges will be dropped.  At least the DA's office knows they cant break the law and go to court with it.  They had briefly considered it last year, and grudgingly went along with it as myself and others were illegally arrested, only to have judges immediately drop all charges.  After being taught that lesson, they informed Capitol Police and Security that they would look into the legality of any charges brought up by Cap P & S, before even considering going forth from that point.

But that just is not a point of concern for the new chief.  So far the new chief is not agreeing to meet with myself to answer questions at all, not a good sign.  Likewise he is unwilling to speak directly to the media at large about these events.  Then again what is he going to do?  Just up and admit that he will break any law to satisfy his masters?

Surprisingly in a way the answer to the last question is yes, only not to the media.  Instead, at a meeting of Wisconsin Senators and Representatives and staff members, he informed them of some new changes he intends to cause to take place at the Capitol.  The states lawmakers recently agreed that citizen would once again, after nearly two years, be free to witness and report on the meetings of the state Legislature, constitutionally, from the Senate and Assembly galleries.  Erwin informed them that he had no intention of allowing the citizens of Wisconsin to be able to know what their elected officials were doing in Madison.  Especially what the right wing extremist ones were doing inside the Capitol.

To back up that point, he made another, which was given in the form of advice to members of the GOTea.  And this advice was given in front of the Independents and Democrats as well.  He told them that if "protesters" (which of course means anybody, anybody at all, who is opposed to Scott Walker), are ever encountered in the building, that they should "pretend to take out their cell phones and document the encounter with the left hand and punch them in the face with the right"  Just say the magic words, that they felt intimidated, and that he (Erwin) would take care of the rest.

At this point the meeting started to break apart as law abiding and respecting members of the Democratic party walked right out of the meeting and began calling lawyers and the media.  Let me make clear at this time dear readers, exactly what Erwin said.

1.  Pretend to document the encounter.  That means do not document it!  They were told to take illegal action, VIOLENT ACTION, against people they don't like, and it would be okay as long as there is no evidence to deal with in court!  Evidence would of course make everything fall apart in court and lead to the violent offender, as well as Chief Erwin, getting into serious legal trouble.

2.  He told his friends in the TEA party (Republicans, same thing these days) that they could get violent with people and that they could do so with impunity.  As horrible as that is at first glance, he is actually telling them to do so with a surprise attack.  To strike out when women, men, children would not expect it to achieve maximum damage and effect.

3.  Erwin told people that he is willing to break the law.

4.  Erwin asked other people, actually encouraged other people, to break the law.

5.  Erwin also was said to have suggested that the victims of these crimes would be themselves arrested by his staff, instead of receiving medical treatment for injuries suffered.

What the heck kind of cop would ever do such a thing?  The answer is, someone who is not a real law enforcement officer.  Erwin is a fake cop hiding behind political masters, that makes him a criminal.  It also makes him a coward!

Erwin is also a former member of the United States Marine Corps.  The Marines are not known as cowards, they are brave and fearless and fly into battle to protect and defend the constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.  That means that he is also a fake Marine and a DISGRACE TO THE UNIFORM!  As a matter of fact, he is a domestic terrorist by its very definition, and should be treated as such in my opinion.  I say he belongs in Guantanamo Bay, where REAL Sailors and Marines know how to deal with such people.

I wish I could have come back to you after hiatus, with some more encouraging news for all you good folks out there, it just wasn't in the cards.  But that is the lesson we relearn everyday here in Fitzwalkerstan, never let your guard down.  Always be vigilant, always be aware, our enemy is all around us, all the time.

Sometime in the month of August I will be going to the Capitol to find Chief Erwin no matter how hard he tries to hide from me.  I know that building way better than he does.  And when I and my fellow patriots finally corner him, I intend to give him something he really needs.  A big ol present and some heartfelt words to go with that gift.

The gift is a brand new suit jacket and trousers, in medium green, a good Wisconsin color.  I intend to hand him a brand new suit and tell him that I am giving it to him because we would all hate to see him naked, and also, that he shouldn't be wearing a uniform, any uniform, as he would  be a TOTAL DISGRACE TO THE UNIFORM.

Friends of mine who are officers with Capitol Police & Security are warning me to be very careful about this.  They tell me they don't think......he would severely injure me, not with witnesses and cameras rolling, but that he would VERY LIKELY attack me and have me hauled off.  I am not looking forward to that, but if that is part of what it takes to get this terrorist out of office, and remove him as a threat to decent human beings throughout Wisconsin, then I am willing to take that risk.

Their is also a big issue with the officers of Capitol Police & Security themselves.  They are apparently (mostly) taking some serious issue with new mandates being made by Chief Erwin.  Well, some major and some minor and some in between.  They say that they have a minor issue with the new Chiefs policy of no facial hair for male officers.  They have an in between issue with the new uniforms and para-military training that Erwin is calling for, namely Kav Maga style training in beating down groups of people.  How to separate the males and incapacitate them first before turning on the females and children.  That even surprised myself a little I have to admit, talk about intimidation tactics!

It looks like Poppa Fitzgerald is finally close to getting his own little private army of thugs down at the Capitol building.....well he seems to think so anyway.  I asked several officers if they had intentions of following illegal orders, if given by the Chief, my questions were answered in unspoken words and knowing looks.


Thank you again to all my readers for your patience while I was working on the book that is to be made from my blog, and my experiences fighting the radical neo-conservative movement in Madison.  I will be back again this week with two new blog postings.

One about the primary elections taking place in Wisconsin today.

And one about Mitt Romneys new tool, Paul Ryan.  Congressman Ryan of Janesville, is the Catholic hating Papist that seems to believe he is Jewish, because of something that an famous atheist once wrote about.  And for that reason, he wants to install Islamic style Sharia law in Wisconsin and throughout the United States on behalf of a Mormon.  Really......you cant make this up.

 Until next time....

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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